07 February 2006

Tomorrow, it would be exactly a year before our wedding hence, a new blog...actually it would be more of a wedding blogsite :) to provide updates, etc... kumbaga somewhere I can rant and rave and release the emotions that I'm sure would accompany all the preparations :)

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My parents arrived last Saturday and they joined us went we went to pay the reservation fee at Twin Hearts last Sunday. They actually liked the church - they appreciated that the parish is of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. So we've already paid our reservation fee and have taken the Feb. 8 2007, 3PM slot :)

During our visits, we saw that they used calla lilies along the aisles. However, I got the feedback from a W@Wie that one time white daisies were used due to non-availability of calla lilies, that's why I made it a point of requesting that calla lilies be used on our wedding day :) pumayag naman sila :)

So, one down...many more to go! hehehe... Right now, I'm looking for a reception venue and caterer...need to have a phone brigade again soon hehehe...

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