04 May 2006

We visited the UP Bonsai Garden last Saturday with the hope of finally being able to book our reception venue pero hindi pa rin *tsk tsk* not that we didn't like the Bonsai garden but being the OCs that we were, we just really wanted to make sure muna.

The place is nice, although I have concerns such as the mosquitoes that inhabit gardens (a fact of nature we couldn't do anything about) although we can use citronella candles to ward them off (as suggested by one
w@wie). Another concern was that given that the place IS a garden, there is no A/C but they can install fans accdg to Mr. Manlicmot. At least, I'm not that concerned with rain because they have a covered area which is really spacious. Bisitahin na lang namin ulit pag me event dun para makita namin kasi space-wise, mas gusto namin sya than Balay Kalinaw kasi maluwag talaga sya without resorting to placing the food somewhere outside para magkasya ung bisita sa loob.

So, wala pa rin BUT we did have a great time with Diane (Hi Nak!), we had lunch at Chocolate Kiss at sobrang habang kwentuhan! Kung sana lang pwedeng never-ending story-telling chika ever un no? hehe

Sharing some pictures during our trip to Puerto Galera...

One of these days I'll be posting some then and now pictures (meron kaya kaming then pictures? *scratch head*) to compare kung pano nagbago mga itsura namin hehe.


The Blue and Pink Mojos :D

Till next time...

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BabyPink said...

cute pictures!:)

'mi, fun gyud atong storya-storya!:)

'til next time gyud.:)