07 May 2007

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday has always been the best day of the week for me...you don't have to go to work/school and you still have another day off the following day :)

Now, it translates to waking up late to catch up on sleep and cooking with enough time on our hands. We usually go to my in-laws during the weekend and last Saturday was no exception. BUT we left our house really late because we slept again after eating our brunch (parang sawa).

We bought some groceries and food stuff last Friday that's why we had enough to make a nice and healthy breakfast...we had pinaputok na tilapia and our salad. Here's how they look :P

These were quite easy to prepare. For the first item, we just prepared chopped tomatoes and onions in soy sauce and vinegar mix. Some of this were stuffed into the fish and the rest was reserved for sawsawan. Make sure that you pour the soy sauce/vinegar mix on the fish as well. Then wrap the fish in aluminum foil and cook on a pan, grill or oven (it's your choice but for us we use the pan). Fish takes a short time to cook so don't overdo it. Once you open the foil you'd really see the fish still tender and juicy because these were locked inside the foil...yum, ginutom tuloy ako.

As for the salad, we bought kiwis, cherry tomatoes and honey mandarin the night before and we decided to mix these with lettuce and cucumber (which we had in our ref) for a salad. Albert just prepared a vinegrette for our dressing.

Needless to say, we were quite full and really happy with our meal :)

By the way, mas masarap kumain nang nagkakamay!

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