24 August 2009

Second trip to the dentist

We brought Ethan to the Abesamis Dental Clinic in Festival Mall for his second dental visit. It's been six months since we first brought him there. The night before, I was preconditioning him about his visit telling him that we'll be visiting the dentist tomorrow and he'll be asked to open his mouth. His reply? "De...De..." [Hindi, hindi.] Uh-oh.

We had to wait for 30minutes before we were accommodated so he had the time to play on the slide and with the toys in the waiting area. As soon as we went inside Dra. Ama's clinic, he started looking around. He agreed to sit on the dental chair at first, but when the overhead light was switched on, he hung on to Albert and started saying "De...De..."

And that's when the crying started. Because Tita Doc asked him to open his mouth so she can count his teeth. He really didn't want to. Big, fat tears were streaming down his face. Akala mo talaga kinakawawa. Hehe.

The little boy has 13 teeth now, 2 (or 3) of which are erupting pa lang. Tita Doc advised us to make our visit more frequent (within 2 months' time) until he gets accustomed to his dental visits and hopefully he won't be as scared next time.

Buti na lang, covered ng HMO nila A, meaning no cash out for us. Hehe.

I started to take out his other toys from the box and I'll be keeping some of his toys na rin. That way, I can rotate his toys. Nagsasawa na rin kasi sya sa ibang toys nya. I took out Thomas the Train ("twain"), a fire truck ("tuck"), a xylophone, and his magnetic writing toy.

We're having a roll with the writing toy! Even though I'm not much of an artist (ehem, hindi magaling mag-draw), the little boy can still recognize what I drew. He knows the train, car, tree (tee), kite (kai), fan (fon), phone (fong), TV (veevee), moon (mun), star (tar), plane (pane), house (haw), chair (cha), bed (bed), bee (bee, with matching cog = hug and kiss), butterfly (bfly), feeding bottle (dede), straw (tow), and several other items that I can't recall right now *memory loss*

He watches Sesame Street, and he has a new favorite now. Previously he loved the Get Up and Dance ("Den") episode, now he likes the Alphabet Jungle as well. He pronounces the letters after they are named, inuunahan pa nga minsan! Ah, the sharp memory of kids.

He also recognizes some of the numbers. One time I heard him and A counting. A said "One.." and Ethan continued "..Two...Twee...Fo..." I'm not sure if he made it to five. Although this is still inconsistent, depende sa mood. Hehe.

Last Friday morning, out of nowhere, Ethan put on his slippers and wore his hat, pulled on A's hands then pointed at the door. "Ba..." labas daw sila. Saan ka pupunta? "Ide..." Sa slide daw. Ano pang meron dun? "wing" (Swing) Tsaka ano pa? "Ee-o" while he gestures up and down. Seesaw daw. Ayun, nag-aaya sa playground. Mainit na e, mamaya na lang hapon. "Later in the afternoon" sabi ni A.

Around 4pm, hinihintay ko lang mag-aya ulit. Saktong nagising si Albert sa siesta nya, ayun na nga, nag-aya na ang bulilit. Sabi ko kay A, kelangan nyang tuparin ang usapan nila. Hehehe...punta na namang playground.

Ang dami nang kakulitan ni Ethan. Matigas na rin ang ulo minsan. May paiyak-iyak na ngang alam e. Alam na rin nya ung magpapabigat ng katawan pag ayaw nyang umalis sa kinatatayuan nya, kaya no choice ka kundi buhatin sya. Pag umiyak (nagdadrama), madali din naman siyang i-appease so ok lang.

Nakakapagod pero nakakatuwa. Almost 20 months old na sya. In about four months time (pohon), may 2 year old na kami ni A. Iba-iba naman daw ang temperament ng mga bata. Sana hindi totoo ang "terrible twos" na title kay Ethan. Hehehe...

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