09 October 2009

Ethan's latest

I'm back with a list of Ethan's latest antics:
  • He loves watching his DVDs - Mo-mo (Sesame Street which features Elmo), Baber (that's Bob the Builder!), Ney (Barney), Go-Go (can refer to Dora or Diego). He loves to dance and he's got rhythm! Sabi ni A, mana daw sa kanya hehehe.

- He can recognize Boots and Swiper. When we say "Swiper, no swiping!", he responds with "oh men!". Just discovered that this week. Grandma bought him a Dora CD which he watches a lot. According to Grandma, he also tries to answer Dora's questions.

  • He converses more and we already recognize a lot of his words. When he comes up with a new one, it's quite easy to decipher because he can find ways to help us understand him. Some of his words are:

- Hap = hat/cap, he gets confused because he has a hat and a cap which he uses. He got used to calling it a hat but when he wears his cap, he calls it a hat as well. So we also tell him that it's a cap. Maybe he got confused so he calls either a "hap" now :P

- Bang = he says this when he falls down. We don't know where he heard it and how he was able to associate falling with the word

- Another thing that's amazing is that he converses in English. I'm wondering if it's easier for him to say the words that's why he chooses to speak in English. We don't talk with him in straight English all the time, it's mostly Taglish. He also understands Cebuano because when I and my parents' talk about what the little boy did during the day for example (in Cebuano), he listens then does what we are talking about. It's amazing, really.

- "Come" or "Walk" = come with me or walk with me. He usually pulls your hand when he says this and brings you in front of the refrigerator. Then he says,

- "Pen, pease" = Open, please. Then he proceeds to find what he wants inside the ref.

- "pen, cose" = Open, close. He does this while opening and closing his hands.

- "up, don" = "Up, down". Beware, because he wants to ride on your legs while you mimic a seesaw.

- He can also associate verbs with common nouns that go with it. For example,

- Ethan is driving (or riding) a...(he responds with) Car

- Ethan is reading a... (he responds with) Book
- Ethan is writing with his... (he responds with) Pens
- Ethan is brushing his... (he responds with) Teeth. and he can enunciate the "th" sound
- Ethan is wearing his... (he responds with) Hap
- Ethan is watching... (he responds with) TV
- Ethan is drinking... Fee (that's coffee, patay na) or Juice

  • I made a bed cover for him (which also included several pillowcases) which had Spongebob as design. He used it for the first time last Tuesday. As soon as he saw it, he exclaimed, "Wow!" sabay higa at hug sa bed nya. Hehehe. Worth it ang pagod ni Mama :)
  • He also loves to dance to the tune of Hokey, Pokey. And the theme song of Backyardigans, as well as Hi-5 songs.
  • EDIT (10/13/09): He can identify colors na rin - he knows red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet (vlet), black, and white. He also recognizes numbers - one, two..three..four..five..six..eight (hehe, he skips seven), ten! (he also skips nine).

He's drinking more milk now but eats very small amounts of solid food lang. Kaya pag napansin naming may gana, we take the opportunity to feed him solids talaga. I read that too much juice can lead to this, so we try to minimize his juice intake.

Malapit na ang Christmas, we're going home to Davao pohon :)

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