24 May 2010

They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freights
Red and green and brown and blue
They're a really useful crew
All with different roles to play
'Round Tidmouth sheds and far away
Down the hills and 'round the bends
Thomas and his friends
Thomas! He's the cheeky one
James! Is vain but lots of fun
Percy! Brings the mail on time
Gordon! Thunders down the line
Emily! Really knows her stuff
Henry! Toots and huffs and puffs
Edward! Wants to help and share
Toby! Well let's say - he's square!

No, I haven't lost my mind :P and that is not a poem I wrote. Those are the lyrics to the Thomas and Friends theme song. A and I were able to memorize it the other weekend when the little boy asked that the video be played in a loop for what seems like an eternity! :)

Ethan can also sing it...here's his version:
Two, three, six, seven, eight
Shunt trucks...freight
*grunt grunt*...far away
Thomas and...friends
Thomas...cheeky one
James...lots of fun
Gordon...down the line
Emily...her stuff
Henry...toots...pops (LOL)
Toby...he's square!

Now, I have a new set of lyrics to determine, this time it's for the Bob the Builder song. So far, I know the first part.

Bob the Builder, can we fix it?
Bob the Builder, yes we can!
Scoop, Muck, and Dizzy
And Roley too
Lofty and Wendy
Join the Crew
Pilcher and Bird
Travis and Spud
Playing together
Like good friends should
Bob the Builder, can we fix it?
Bob the Builder, yes we can!
Then I googled the remaining portion:
Hey! Time to get busy
Such a lot to do
Building and fixing
'Til it's good as new
Bob and the gang
Have so much fun
Working together
They get the job done

We went to UP last Saturday because it was an agreement with the little boy the other weekend (that we'd go back to UP so that he can run around and play football). While my mag-ama were playing, I brisk-walked for one round of the Acad Oval.

I did it in 30 mins, yup, THAT long. Hahaha.

It felt good to sweat though. That kind of sweating, I welcome it. Same as when I do my house chores like cooking, or cleaning up the house. But when you're sweating while watching TV, that kind I don't like - because it just means that the weather was just too much.

Anyway, back to my kwento. We are actually planning to make it a regular thing - going to UP on Saturdays, right before going to the grocery. Ethan actually looks forward to it - "punta tayo UP, play ball." It has a lot of advantages - the little boy gets to develop muscles for running (hehe) because we noticed that some kids (smaller than him) can run at a more steady pace than him; at the same time, A and I get to have some form of exercise -him, running after Ethan and me, doing my brisk walking; we get to visit UP again :)


Last Thursday (I think my posts are going backwards hehe), A and I took a leave from work to look for tiles for the house. We visited Wilcon Builders Depot and Alabang Home Depot (both in Filinvest) and we were able to buy sample tiles for our bathroom and kitchen.

We wanted to upgrade our tiles from the standard plain white tiles that came with the contract for the house. We also plan to choose our own kitchen sink - buti na lang, our contractor is agreeable to just offset the difference in the price. Because if we're not happy with the tiles, albeit already part of the contract, why not choose our own, right?

So, our home will be kinda green (because the tiles are green hehehe) - I (ehem) wanted a complementing color scheme for the house (ayaw ko kasi ng patche-patche). Buti na lang, A and I like the same colors - blue, green, gray. Hehehe. So we chose green - it's also cool to the eyes but livelier than blue.

I'll post a pic of the tile scheme for the bathroom when I have it. This is the exciting part, going through the details. I have to remember to bring our metal tape measure thingy everytime we visit the house so that we can measure our way around.

Oh, forgot to mention that I had a 24 (season 5 - I think season 7 na pala!) marathon on Saturday night. I slept at 2am but was only able to watch until the 10th hour :P

And Saturday (and Sunday) mornings were spent exercising my imagination, building shaping tractors, backhoes, trains, jetskis, sailboats, motorcycles, and bulldozers using building blocks. Buti na lang pumapasa kay Ethan. Hahaha.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Looking forward to more like it :)


BabyPink said...

I love entries like this, 'Mi. Bisa'g layo ko sa inyo, ma-update jud ko! Chos! Bitaw, I enjoy reading these kinds of entries. Na-imagine nako mu sa UP ba. Cute kaayo ang version ni Bibi Brader sa song. Ug excited ko sa tiles! :)

cheryll said...

hahaha, pang-update ba? sus, ang pics sa tiles, di ko pa na-transfer sa laptop, di ko tuloy ma-post :P

sus, imong bibi brader, mukalit lang ug comment ug "Goodness!" or "Oh my" or "What happened?" bwahaha with matching facial expression pa na