15 June 2010

SYTYCD Season 5

I had the chance to catch the first show of Season 5 (every Monday on AXN) featuring the Top 20 dancers last night while I was ironing our clothes :P I know, I know...SYTYCD is on its season already, but what can I do? It is what AXN is showing! :)

I was following the past episodes which featured the auditions for this season but was unable to catch that one where the top 20 were announced.

Image courtesy of: fanpop.com

Anyway, I really enjoyed the routines. Some were so upbeat while some almost ethereal. My favorites were the following:

1. Mad (hiphop dance) by Jeanine and Phillip

Image from calldrmatt.com

This was a really cool routine to open the show with and its tempo really caught my attention. What's great about this was that Jeanine didn't have ay hiphop experience at all but she was able to hold her own.

2. Jai Ho (Bollywood) by Caitlin and Jason

Image from avclub.com

Very unique number! And the handstand by Caitlin really showed her gymnastics training.

3. Pokerface (salsa number) by Karla and Jonathan

Image from calldrmatt.com
The song, by itself, is catchy. Add that with the cool and sexy routine - it was fun to watch :) And I was drawn to Karla just because she seems to have has (ha! I Googled it) Filipino blood there somewhere.

4. Right Here Waiting (contemporary) by Melissa and Ade

Image from calldrmatt.com

This was the ethereal number. These two seemed to be floating on air when they danced - it looked so effortless!

While I wasn't really that impressed (naks, parang professional dancer hahaha) nor moved by the Broadway routine by Asuka/Vitolio and Foxtrot number by Janette/Brandon. I don't know, I just didn't feel any emotion there at all :P

Image from calldrmatt.com

Image from calldrmatt.com
BUT, that doesn't mean that they didn't dance well. Everyone was a great dancer, very powerful and they were able to learn the choreography in such as short time - well, they were the Top 20 amongst thousands after all!

I was done ironing the clothes just as SYTYCD ended and in time for CSI:NY. I really love CSI - NY, LV, Miami...in that order. Most of my favorite TV series are in AXN - Leverage (new season!), Chuck (I have yet to determine the timeslot), House (who wouldn't love him? hehe), and CSI. I'm looking forward to Justified, it will start on Thursday. Now, NCIS LA, I haven't been able to watch an episode yet - I usually end up sleeping rather than finishing the episode.
Looking forward to next Monday :)

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