13 September 2010

Got my laboratory results last Saturday. I give thanks to God that I have normal results except for uric acid (which was a little bit above the range) - blood sugar, creatinine, lipid profile.

But I have astigmatism with a -0.50 reading for each eye. Still have 20/20 vision though :)


I bought 3 plain shirts in Surplus Shop for P69.75 each then I bought some fabric flowers (the patch type) from National Book Store and just embellished my new shirts :) I have already made one. Will post a pic hopefully by tomorrow.


Still haven't started my Christmas stuff. But we've already scheduled our Divisoria date on the 24th :) It will be a holiday in Calamba, hopefully we can get there early.

I plan to buy fabric for curtains, hopefully a Christmas tree skirt (have yet to find out how to make it), some felt for my ornaments, and other craft stuff. This weekend we plan to visit A's lola in Sampaloc so we can swing by Quiapo and look for some cross stitch stuff :)

Budget na lang kulang hahaha.


On the homefront, our contractor texted last night and I learned that they plan to turnover the house this week. After that, we can have the acceptance scheduled then construction on the interiors can start - ceiling, floor tiles, kitchen counter extension and hanging cabinets, in that order of priority depending on how much our money can cover.

Our bank loan has also been approved - so less to worry with regards to financing. We just need to sign the papers then it's good to go :)

Ah, God is good :) Thank you po.


chepie said...

God is good! :) congrats on the approved loan and good luck on pimping up your crib! exciting yan! :)

cheryll said...

thanks pie! oo nga, exciting talaga. slowly but surely, we'll be able to pimp it up!