14 April 2011

Ei, yes I'm back! (since Friday actually, but didn't have time to post kasi ngarag na naman dito sa office hehe).
I'd just like to give a shout out to Pie, thanks for your kind words and sabi ko nga kinilig ako learning about how my blog is to you :)

I still owe my blog a post on my trip to Korea. I got to visit the Hwaseong fortress and the palace which was the set location for Jewel in the Palace. Will post about that when I get to transfer my pictures from the camera memory stick to our external HD.

Another post I owe is something for Pie, which would be something inspired by Divasoria's Glossy Features. Hope I get to do it next week :)

I leave you with another of Ethan & A's conversations...

Ethan (holding a whisk while they are preparing chicken spread): Papa, baker ako. Ikaw ang aking estan.

Yup, estan = assistant

Ito pa isa... Me: Let's go, Ethan. Lagay na tayo ng lotion

(we use the Bedtime lotion from Johnson's as it's supposed to calm him down and make him ready for sleep. So far, we've been using it for 2 nights but I end up sleeping ahead of him LOL)

Ethan: Bakit, Mama? Para ma-mo-tu-rize? :P


chepie said...

can't wait for your contri to my blog! :)

pls email the write-up (with captioned photos, with instructions as to where to put it pls) to me. will FB you my email add.

thanks che! :)

BabyPink said...

Wow! Pagka-bright jud sa akong manghud, oi! :)