19 July 2013

19 months + 6 months + Term 3

Has it really been that long? I don't feel like an entire month and a half has passed since my last entry. But here I am...amazed at how fast time flies.

I remember Mama's comment in one of the FB posts of a picture of sleeping A and Ianna. She said that Ianna looks so much like me in that picture and that she missed her own baby :) Her baby is now a mother herself and she reminded me to savor every bit of my kids' childhood because time goes so fast and before I would know it, the kids are all grown up. Ahh, nag-senti mode si grandma but I know that what she's saying is right.

So, it's been 6 months since we've come to Oz and start a whole new life. We're still at odds, still job hunting (please help us pray), and still sorting out things with Ethan. So far we've had two sessions with a child psychologist for assessment and we're still waiting for the report (in about a month's time), a free session with a social worker from the Community Health Center to help us sort out what is needed to help Ethan with his attention and focus, he had his audiometry test (normal) and eye test (normal for long range, a bit weak for close range - it's those iPad and TV which we really have to address soon!). And I can say that the little boy has been quite behaved and even enjoyed all these sessions. Never did I hear him doubt why he needs to do these, and I get overwhelmed with his deep trust in us that I do not want to fumble with this!

Ethan just went back to school this week after a two-week term break. We're now in Term 3, and sooner than soon he will be done with Kindergarten! Whew! We're scheduled for a Parent-Teacher Interview next week to update us on his progress in school. His teacher sent home a written progress report last Term 2 and I am glad that his teacher was able to provide personal notes and not just general comments. I am grateful that his teacher is quite a good one.

At school, they are encourage the kids to be kind and safe while learning. They have this "license" in class (but I'm not sure if this is only for Kindies) wherein you start at white, then progress to purple, blue then lime. In order to progress, the child has to complete a certain number of weeks without time-outs. Ethan is still in his white license, he has 4 out of 5 weeks needed to progress to purple. And he has set his goal to move to blue within this term! That's another 10 weeks on purple to move to blue, so let's see. I do not want to discourage him but I am also sort of letting him know to just do his best and the rest will follow. I do not want to add to his stress! Haha.

And Ianna is now, 19 months old. She is becoming quite a handful, what with climbing on chairs, starting to insist on what she wants, running around the house, or becoming cranky when she's sleepy. She already plays some games on the iPad, knows which folders to look for some games, can play a bit of Temple Run, those cooking games, Taiyo bus game, collects coins from the PvZ zen garden, look at photos and watch videos from the iPad or iPhone. She also recognizes the different Skylanders characters.

Just the other day we bought her a wooden puzzle where she needs to match the pictures of animals and put them in their proper place. She can identify the animals and is already starting to know how to fit the puzzle piece into place. She loves books and even wants to join kuya when he's drawing or coloring in stuff. But of course, she can only do scribbles for now :)

She can identify some songs (songs which kuya also likes) like Buttercup, Live while we're Young and dances to these tunes. Her recognizable words are still Mama and Papa but she can say Ba-e for bear, sometimes I hear her say Momo for Elmo but wouldn't repeat it even if I cried hehe. Once Uncle Abet asked her to say Banana and she was able to say it, but just ONE time. No repeating for her! Oh, she's stubborn...as stubborn as someone I know :P

She's our little rice girl, because she prefers to eat rice than bread. But noodles are also a favourite, eating plain spaghetti is okay for her :) She is also our little minion, loving her bananas. And unfortunately, she also likes Pepsi - a little bit too much, I think. :(

I guess that's the update for now, till my next entry!

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