22 February 2006

Last weekend was quite hectic but I enjoyed it, worth the time spent :)

Albert and I attended FLEX seminar, it's a leadership seminar with a twist. It was really nice. I was a bit skeptic on how it would turn out given that we needed to shell out 5K (na pinaghatian naman namin since he was sponsored by Kuya Ba). Pero we went home from the seminar really glad that we took time to attend it (dapat kasi sana nag-Bridal fair kami sa Megamall).

We still went to the Bridal Fair though, squeezing and rushing to Megamall after the seminar on Saturday (6pm na sya natapos). Buti na lang the fair was until 9PM pa. Ang dami naming papel na nakolekta hehehe. Our main objective was to look for a caterer/reception venue muna, next would be photo/video and then the rest na makita namin dun.

So far, only Auffrance has sent an email invitation for their free food taste out of all the caterers whom we left our email address with. So, go na naman kami this Sunday for the taste test :) and we also plan to stop by Philam clubhouse in QAve. Nakita ko kasi na meron akong fellow Twin Hearts B2B na dun ang kanilang reception, so I'm curious on its "feel". Another caterer that's offering a good package is Robert Camba Catering Services. Due to my ka-OC-han (which pops out every now and then Ü) I prepared an Excel worksheet for all caterers, their rates, the amenities included in their packages. Para mas madaling mag-compare hehehe.

An officemate advised that it's better to invest on those things that would stay with you past your wedding day, i.e., your wedding rings and the pictures/video. Pero syempre, I also believe that it's equally important to provide yummy treats for the guests because that is what THEY will remember about your wedding (si Albert nga up to now pag tinanong ko about our friends' weddings na hindi ko na-attend-an nung wala ako sa Pinas, ang laging comment is on how the food was). So dun na lang kami mag-invest.

Di na sa damit, not that I wouldn't care kung magmukha akong gusgusin BUT I wouldn't choose to have a very long train with all the crystals chuva on my gown. Actually, I wanted a gown na walang train kasi feeling ko ang bigat. But I saw some AVPs (sample ng Threelogy na pinamigay nung fair) and I saw na mas maganda nga kung mejo mas mahaba nang unti ung gown sa likod, so I can resort to a short train :P basta ung veil, di pa rin nagbabago ang gusto ko. Gusto ko ung mahaba (fingertip veil daw ang tawag sa kanya). Sa flowers, Kuya Ba and Diane have suggested their florist, sobrang mura na rin kasi nung package na nakuha nila. Naku, we have to book really early for the flowers kasi malapit pa naman sa Valentines Day ung date namin!

Until now, church pa lang ang na-finalize namin pero we're getting there :) We're planning on getting Kenneth Uy na rin for the photo/video. Friend kasi sya ni Kuya Ba and he offered to give us the same package even though nagtaas na ang rates nya :) Nakakatuwa syang kausap kasi mabait and at the same time, nakita na namin how he works at ung output nya. I personally feel na mas OK kasi friend sya ni Kuya Ba, merong personal connection sila that assures me somehow na hindi nya kami babalewalain :)

Hayy..more preps to go at natutuwa ako :) minsan panic mode pero alam ko, kakayanin ito! :)


BabyPink said...

oo, mami. yakang-yaka 'yan!:)

Pie said...

i agree.. rings and video/pix..something to ALWAYS remember your wedding by .... :) btw, i ssssoooooo like our video and pix ... in fairness, natuwa ako sa ebony and ivory. :) i thought papalpak pa sila kasi i needed to correct our album kahit nakalayout na. but when we got it, tsaka our video, they were able to deliver what we wanted -- capture the fun and most memorable parts. yun! :)

cheryll said...

hi pie! :)

patingin ako nung video and pix nyo hehehe...