23 June 2006

And we're back...

Albert is back from his trip *wheeee!* and has brought chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates! Geez, this is bad for my so-called diet...oh well...but I'm just so happy he's back :) *happy-happy-joy-joy dance here*

Some good news and bad news:

Bad news is that there has been a 5k price increase from our previous package with Kenneth (1 photographer, 1 videographer)...although with the 5k increase, we get 1 more photographer. *hmm* okay na rin :) kahit we were okay with just 1 photographer. So that's 5k additional sa aming expenses, good thing we've alloted a little extra for this.

Good news is that Kuya Ba has offered to pay for the flowers!!! Yey! So our budget for the flowers will go to photo/video na lang...compensating for the over-expense sana :) Grrrreat!!!

As for the reception venue, hay wala pa rin. But we will be visiting Mr. Hardinero this Saturday for occular...let's see :)

If we have time, we also plan to visit Unique Novelty and Toys Corp. which I learned about from fellow W@wie Ann (Hi sis!)...i got curious when I read about it in her blog. Ako pa man din, sucker for things like that. Kahit nga sa bookstore or office supplies section sobrang nag-e-enjoy ako :) I could just imagine, it would be like visiting Willy Wonka's Factory (my version hehe)!

Oh and yes, we decided to just DIY our invitation. When I inquire kasi from suppliers, usually they require a minimum of 100pcs and cost ~P100 each! That's too much money for us (to think most of the guests won't keep the invites anyway)...and as of today, our guest list is at ~140 (we will be setting 150max) and several are families, couples or officemates who would require just 1 invitation for the group. So, with the ~140 guests, our invitation count is ~50 pa lang. Kaya ako na lang gagawa... :) wish me luck! Hehehe...

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