23 November 2006

It's complicated

I've been having these feelings of wanting to go full time with preps. I get so distracted sa office because I just want to focus on the preps. Additional factor pa na hindi na ako motivated to work...burn out na rin siguro. Pati ung environment, it's not conducive to growth. I'll leave it at that...it's complicated (hence the title). I'm still praying for guidance to the path that I should take...

As for the preps, marami-rami na-accomplish since last update ko.
  • Pre-cana seminar - DONE. I'm sorry to say this but with all the seminars I've attended and enlightening articles/books I've read, there was really nothing new to learn from the seminar. I guess it was just reaffirmation of the things that we know about how married life will be, how to best deal with issues, and of course, that marriage is not just between you and your spouse, but a triangle with God. As for the family planning part, these I've learned in health class (human anatomy, woman's menstrual cycle). Something I've learned is regarding the natural family planning method. I've always thought that it wouldn't work when the woman doesn't have a regular cycle (that is, sakto sa 28 days, or kung hindi man regular ung length ng cycle) but I've learned that it can work since regardless of the length, there would be a certain number of days (nakalimutan ko na! sheesh!) after each menstruation which are considered fertile days. Can't explain everything here though...as our speaker also breezed through it lang dahil kulang na sa oras...
  • Fit rings - DONE. We passed by Suarez on our way to Marikina and had our measurements taken. Mid-December daw pwede na namin makuha rings namin :)
  • Finalize song list - DONE. We've submitted the song list yesterday. Ok naman daw accdg to Jojo (Stradavarius)...yes natapos din! Hirap din palang mamili ng kanta hahaha...
  • Finalize invitation - We've given our go signal for the layout to Trina (VProjekt) and we've already submitted the entourage list (which we've finalized last weekend lang din!). We're just waiting for the mock up of the complete set - main invite, ento list and RSVP card.
  • Priest - Fr. Blaise will confirm tomorrow whether he can officiate or not..kaka-renew lang daw kasi ng license nya and he wants it with him muna before he confirms...para nga naman sure. Why Fr. Blaise? Albert knows him from high school days when they (Fr. Blaise) organized the retreat which Albert attended (Marian). We really want someone whom we know personally para me personal touch sa homily, most especially.

Oh and a college friend who's family has a bag business in Bicol (sinamay etc) offered to make the sinamay wine bags for us. Sabihin ko lang daw size and color and she'll have samples prepared for us to choose from! Wow, ang galing! We just need to discuss muna ni Albert regarding the wines for ninongs and something for the ninangs...aside from the wineglass that Mama has already prepared. Thank you Lord for the gift of friendship :)

Whew! Next stop...flowers in Dangwa and barong shopping at Baclaran. Wish us luck!

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