11 December 2006

1 month and 4 weeks to go...

how time flies! :P

It's a rainy Monday morning (rainy days and Mondays...) and I really wanted to sleep lang this morning. But I had to go to work kasi naka-leave na ako nung Friday :)

Friday was spent applying for our Marriage License at Marikina city hall. We were there around 8:30AM and were done less than an hour after! Not sure if it's not the peak season for license applications or talagang maaga lang kami. Filling out the forms (1 for the license application and 1 for the family planning seminar session - which was just the Filipino version of the form we filled out at Twin Hearts for our canonical interview) was a breeze (relatively). Relative because I had to go over some items twice since the Filipino was really Filipino...if you know what I mean hehe. And of course my answers on some were Taglish (my bad!).

We'll claim our license on the 19th and attend the seminar on that day too. *dizizit*

And since we were in city hall, Albert requested to have his photo notarized...this is a requirement for his Australian migration assessment which he has forestalled for how many years now hehe. When we went to the City Legal (Lee-Guhl accdg to the receptionist) Office, a manong there told us that they don't issue anything like that. Albert had to make an affidavit, ask two people to sign in as witness that he is who he's saying he is (that was confusing!). Buti na lang nangulit kami and one Ate was very helpful...she didn't stop asking the other people in the office until she had an answer for us. End result: we got the document certifying Albert's picture, had his 2 photos notarized as well. Kaya naman pala! All hail the good and helpful public servants who live to serve and not just drink coffee and make chika in city hall (hehe)!

Saturday was for accompanying Albert to have the physical exam all the way to Sucat for some reason I can't divulge yet hehe, 2 hours stuck inside an FX from Cubao to Marikina (due to HEAVY traffic), and a relaxing massage in the evening (home service pa! sarap talaga!)

Sunday - fiesta sa Sampaloc! Had a yummy lunch kina Nanay (albert's lola) with fresh lumpia, chicken kaldereta, kare-kare, sweet and sour tilapia, lumpiang shanghai with fresh mangoes, melons and maja blanca for dessert. Yum! there goes my diet again :D

And oh! for our wedding updates:
  • wedding rings - awaiting Suarez advice...initially advised to be available on the 15th but we asked na rin last Saturday and it wasn't available yet. Production was on-hold due to the ASEAN Summit (which was also postponed due to the typhoon) so Cristy will be informing us on the 22nd or 23rd
  • gown - first fitting postponed as well...Dec 16 na lang... but I already sent a picture of the shoe design I want
  • invitations - for pick up on the 14th

I guess that's about it for the weekend :)

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