03 December 2006

Even with typhoon Reming looming over the Philippines last Thursday, we still pushed through with my former officemate Jean's despedida party. It is Jean, after all - our resident events organizer, very kind-hearted and thoughtful. We just had dinner at Dencio's then videoke for 2 hours. Come to think of it, dahil ata sa kantahan namin kaya lumihis si Reming...baka akala nya me ibang bagyo nang nauna mwahaha!


We were supposed to go to Baclaran last Friday to buy some barongs kaso with the typhoon nga, hindi na muna kami tumuloy. Punta kaming Marikina yesterday (Saturday) para na rin sana makapag-tyangge...kaso nakaligpit pala sila dahil nga sa bagyo! Darn! Christmas shopping pa man din sana yun hehehe...owel, next time ulit.


Updates on our preps:
  • Booked our florist last week - Ma. Coleen's Flower Shop at Dangwa. There are A LOT of flower shops and stalls at Dangwa, just need the patience to visit each one and inquire. We got the quotation of 2 vendors at 3k for our whole ento set + offertory flowers. One vendor quoted 5k, and Juanita of Ma. Coleen's quoted 5k also but gave us a discount of P500! :) I went through her album which really featured pictures of flowers she arranged compared to the others na halatang cut outs from magazines :D We also saw a sample (though pang-church arrangement) which looked nice. So we booked her. Madali din kausap at nakagaanan ko ng loob...something which I place highly kasi ako madalas umaasa sa vibes ng tao. Ewan ko, basta...
  • Fr. Blaise already agreed to celebrate/officiate the sacrament with us. Yey! :) He just had one request...that we visit him so he can talk to us...which is fair enough! :) Syempre kahit ako mas gusto kong makausap muna sya at nang makilala naman nya kami (ako most especially since he knows Albert na rin and even calls him Anak. Cute di ba? hehe). So we'll visit him this week...just need to schedule :)
  • First gown fitting next week! Judgment day hehe...pumayat kaya ako? Kahit unti? As in unti? :D will provide my shoe design by then too...
  • We should be able to get our rings in two weeks time. According to Suarez, we can get it by Dec 15th...
  • Will apply for our license this week din. Hopefully on Thursday...
  • Wedding banns are already on their 1st wk of posting... should be able to get them before December ends...speaking of, galing...sa parish namin sa Davao, we only had to pay P50! Got scared with W@Wies post na some had to pay P1500 pa...probinsya pa ito ha.
  • Song list has been submitted to Stradavarius and Jojo already gave his OK :)
I guess that's all for now...


*Excited* to go home to Davao for the holidays. Sarap magbakasyon...and Christmas is my favorite time of the year..it's the time to be jolly and enjoy with the child within us. Advanced merry christmas...22 days to go! :)

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