02 April 2007

Had a dream last night...it was kinda cool and a little bit weird but I would sooo love to have it come true (in a way) :)

I dreamed that I was preggie already and when I touch my tummy, my babies would push back (i.e., bubukol)... and there are 2 of them! But their sizes were a wee bit small (from the tip of my middle finger to my wrist long)...

It's exciting because both A and I come from a family with twins. Mama has twin brothers (fraternal) and A has twin cousins (fraternal din - a boy and a girl!). So it's not genetically impossible for us to have twins as well...hereditary daw yun (please correct me if I'm wrong hehe).

Have to work on getting preggers though for now :P

We went home to Marikina last weekend to have an advanced birthday celebration for A's parents (Papa = April 3, Mama = April 5). It was a reunion of sorts as the 3 bros were there (except of course for Kuya Abet who's in Oz), and of course Diane and I. Sheng (ex of A's bro) was also there to greet Pa&Ma (don't ask me the story's too long, confidential and complicated hahaha).

We gave Pa a 6-disc Discovery Channel compilation (c/o Quiapo haha) and a long-sleeved polo shirt from Collezione (navy blue and olive green stripes) and a 3/4 sleeve (green) polo shirt from Polo for Mama. Parehong green, 'no? We realized that only after we paid the shirts na hehe.

Kuya Ba and Diane brought this humongous cake from Conti's...Mango Bravo, I think. It was about twice as tall as ordinary cakes and I can't describe it in any way except YUM. As in you-should-try-it-yourself YUM. Googled Conti's this morning and found out that this is one of their best sellers. Their original site was in Paranaque and opened their new shop in Connecticut St. in Greenhills.

You may read more about them through Our Awesome Planet: www.anton.blogs.com You'd see a pic of the Mango Bravo from his site as well.

Basta as in sinfully YUM!

A and I went laptop-drooling er window shopping last weekend...and we've semi-chosen the laptop we want already. We're resolved to purchase the external HDD when we get back from our Holy Week trip. *Wheeee!*

Just need for me to apply for a credit card...for the sole purpose of purchasing stuff on a 0% interest basis. That's something that made me change my mind about credit cards. But that would be a hard and fast rule for me. No impulsive buys nor anything that is not planned out of the budget. In short, bawal mag-charge sa card kung walang existing perang pambili.

The laptop is within the budget but as A would say, if it's 0% interest naman, why not pay for it in staggered amounts? Not sure if that's the best thing to do for now, but well, let me try. If it won't work, then pay the whole amount and cut the card in half! As weak as I am to exercise/working out/diet, I am quite strong when it comes to budgeting. Pinaganda ko lang, ibig lang sabihin...kuripot ako! *heehee*

I'm quite excited about our 5-day trip to Iloilo-Guimaras-Bacolod (with no itinerary whatsoever). We'll just go with Kuya Ba and Diane...according to him, we'll be staying in Guimaras from Friday-Saturday then Bacolod on Sunday and Monday. Bahala na!

I think I've mentioned in an earlier post that I'm thinking of switching careers. Currently, I'm thinking twice about it because according to an internal source *wink* there just might be changes in the office structure soon. I'm trying to take in a positive attitude and hope that the change would be for the best. We'll know soon...

As for the stress, I'm dealing with it materially - hence, the decision to purchase the external HDD and laptop. While waiting for a better opportunity, enjoy my hard-earned money by going shopping, get massages, travelling and eating out more. Of course, savings won't be sacrificed but just learn to enjoy more whatever luxury I can get with my salary hahaha. Outlet kumbaga.

Of course, I'd still like to push through with my plan to enrol in a course I'd like to enrol in (hahaha mind twister)... will think hard about it during the trip as it would mean sacrificing 9am-6pm of my Saturdays for about a year :P

It's time for some meditation once again...so, while you're on your summer trip on the beach or on the road, don't forget to do some thinking ...John 3:16 would be a good start *wink* thank the Lord for giving us Jesus to save us from our trespasses and thank Jesus also for being selfless to be willing to die for us all.

How would we be able (in our own way) to be selfless ourselves?

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