26 March 2007

Got this from Ann (thanks!) and was curious on how mine would be like... so here goes..

I used Cheryll Lei Mahinay Francia

There are 24 letters in your name.
Those 24 letters total to 124.
There are 9 vowels and 15 consonants in your name.

What your first name means: English, Female
Variant of the French Cherie: dear one; darling. Rhyming variant of names like Meryl and Beryl.

Your number is: 7
The characteristics of #7 are: Analysis, understanding, knowledge, awareness, studious, meditating.

The expression or destiny for #7:

Thought, analysis, introspection, and seclusiveness are all characteristics of the expression number 7. The hallmark of the number 7 is a good mind, and especially good at searching out and finding the truth. You are so very capable of analyzing, judging and discriminating, that very little ever escapes your observation and deep understanding. You are the type of person that can really get involved in a search for wisdom or hidden truths, often becoming an authority on whatever it is your are focusing on. This can easily be of a technical or scientific nature, or it may be religious or occult, it matters very little, you pursue knowledge with the same sort of vigor.
You can make a very fine teacher, or because of a natural inclination toward the spiritual, you may become deeply emerged in religious affairs or even psychic explorations. You tend to operate on a rather different wavelength, and many of your friends may not really know you very well.

The positive aspects of the 7 expression are that you can be a true perfectionist in a very positive sense of the word. You are very logical, and usually employ a quite rational approach to most things you do. You can be so rational at times that you almost seem to lack emotion, and when you are faced with an emotional situation, you may have a bit of a problem coping with it. You have excellent capabilities to study and learn really deep and difficult subjects, and to search for hidden fundamentals. At full maturity you are likely to be a very peaceful and poised individual.

If there is an over supply of the number 7 in your makeup, the negative aspects of the number may be apparent. The chief negative of 7 relates to the limited degree of trust that you may have in people. A tendency to be highly introverted can make you a bit on the self-centered side, certainly very much self-contained . Because of this, you are not very adaptable, and you may tend to be overly critical and intolerant. You really like to work alone, at your own pace and in your own way. You neither show or understand emotions very well.

Your Soul Urge number is: 5

A Soul Urge number of 5 means:

The 5 soul urge or motivation would like to follow a life of freedom, excitement, adventure and unexpected happening. The idea of travel and freedom to roam intrigues you. You are very much the adventurer at heart. Not particularly concerned about your future or about getting ahead, you can seem superficial and unmotivated.

In a positive sense, the energies of the number 5 make you very adaptable and versatile. You have a natural resourcefulness and enthusiasm that may mark you as a progressive with a good mind and active imagination. You seem to have a natural inclination to be a pace-setter. You are attracted to the unusual and the fast paced.

You may be overly restless and impatient at times. You may dislike the routine work that you are engaged in, and tend to jump from activity to activity, without ever finishing anything. You may have difficulty with responsibility. You don't want to be tied down to a relationship, and it may be hard to commit to one person.

Your Inner Dream number is: 11

An Inner Dream number of 11 means:

You dream of casting the light of illumination; of being the true idealist. You secretly believe there is more to life than we can know or prove, and you would like to be provider of the 'word' from on high.

If you'd like to check out yours, here's the site:

Got disappointed last night, I got my period na *sigh* try and try again...


Ann said...

oh well, try and try again sis :) sabi sa babycenter.com taking high dairy food makes your fertility percentage higher. kaya pag ovulation period mo, take some high dairy food like ice cream, milk, cheese ... I'm doing it right now. lets see what happens hehehe. Ginagawa ko ng tubig ang milk.

And ang hirap pala maging mommy, our mini pin gave birth to 5 puppies. as in pati ako nagpapadede ... di kasi kaya ni Duday bigyan ng milk lahat kaya yung iba formula ang tinitake :D practice na maging mommy hahaha!

cheryll said...

thanks for the advice sis. actually, i'll be changing jobs din soon, i believe mas madali kesa ginagawa ko ngayon...bawas sa stress. yun nga lang maaaring naka-night shift ako.

baby will come soon, siguro pine-prepare pa lang kami ni Lord. tsaka kasi mejo magulo pa isip ko dito sa work :)

katuwa naman yan, me mga puppies kayo...cute pa naman ng mga yan :)