20 March 2007

Amidst the numerous AutoCAD drawings that I'd still have to revise, I had to take a break. Brought lunch to the office so that I have time to browse through my favorite sites, read through the blogs I frequently visit before I have to go back and do the drawings again.

So ano na update? :)

Our weekend itinerary was followed until Saturday...Sunday we were too lazy to actually go out early haha. We watched pa kasi Casino Royale and Pursuit of Happyness (haha grabe sa pagka-pirata palabas pa man sa sine may DVD na kami!).

The former was bitin and well, I didn't really like Daniel Craig's looks as James Bond (hehe stereotyping!). I've always "known" 007 to be the suave, pogi, refined, oozing with sex appeal guy. I told A, "kaya ba si Daniel Craig ang pinili nila to emphasize na dahil this is supposedly about the "younger" 007 ay mejo crude pa looks nya?" As my baby cousin said, Badu ako! Pero come to think of it, of the 5(?) actors who've played Bond, James Bond...it's only Pierce Brosnan who fit my so-called image of 007 :P Oh well, to each his own.

Pursuit of Happyness...was a real tearjerker for me. I can SO relate to Chris Gardner's (Will Smith) dilemma. And I was really happy for him at the end of the movie that my breath was just trapped in my chest with tears streaming down my face hahaha... not many movies make me cry. I think the other one that I distinctly remember was Land Before Time (I watched it when I was in Grade 2) in that scene where Little Foot's mom died. *sniff sniff* talaga.

Okay, back to our itinerary...so watching the 2 movies made us leave the house later pa. We went to mass then instead of watching 300, we just went around window shopping na lang (But still ended up buying stuff). We bought some plastic containers, cheese grater, metal canister (crush ni A) and a knife sharpener . Then a sportshop had a sale...ayun napabili tuloy kami ng Merrell sandals/tsinelas - there goes a few thousands ulit *kaput!* pero masaya naman kami sa tsinelas namin hahaha.

In short, di na naman ako nakapagpa-check up *bad*

Ang gulo ng post na ito...pabaliktad ang sequence...

Saturday - we got our copy of our marriage contract from Twin Hearts..Really need to check with NSO soon kung available na ung certified copy. Went to Quiapo earlier to look at digital cameras (of course, A's crush na Canon SLR 400D or 30D) *drools* Laki ng difference ng price talaga from Hidalgo from the mall! Then off to our suking pirata for our DVDs - we bought Pursuit of Happyness, Queen, Casino Royale, Poseidon Adventure (pero Poseidon lang ang nakasulat na title hahaha - request ni Mama) and Dreamgirls. We also bought CSI LV Season 1-6 pati Discovery (6 disks)! Dami sarap magbulag :)

We decided to avail of the Body Tune couple's massage gift check that we received during our wedding kaya sarap...as in tulog kami pareho almost the whole time!

Megamall had a regional fair (sorry don't know what it was really called) which we decided to check out...ang daming food and crafts from the different provinces. We tried out the Chicharabao (chicharon made of carabao's skin - sarap!) from Cagayan valley, mango puree from Digos City in Davao del Sur (sarap!!), tinapang bangus from Cavite (yet to taste it this Friday, our no pork/beef day), and sampalok candy from Marinduque (didn't like it, it was just sweet...sampalok has to have that right sweet-sour blend).

We also bought 2 scrapbooks covered with banig and had handmade paper inside - one will be a gift for Lola Paz (A's lola who loves to write) and the other will be our own wedding scrapbook... if we ever would have time to make it, that is! *wink*

Had dinner at TemptAsian, food was okay naman...

*syempre pabaliktad talaga*

Friday - our experimental cooking night :) I came across this recipe for Tuna Casserole in n@w so we decided to make it for dinner. Instead of using Campbell's Cream of Mushroom, we experimented with Knorr's powdered (and uber cheaper) Cream of Mushroom (we used 2 packs), and spaghetti (sobrang dami pa sa bahay) instead of macaroni.

At first I thought it didn't taste so good, parang may kulang. But when we finally added the basil leaves...voila! Ayun lang pala ung hinahanap naming lasa... we had a hearty meal kasi we prepared salad pa - lettuce with cherry tomatoes, dressing was red cane vinegar with salt and pepper for me and Caesar's salad dressing for A. And he also prepared garlic bread...yummy!

Next time we prepare this, we'd have to try using Campbell's Cream of Mushroom to really see if ours is the "singsarap pero di singmahal" version *LOL*

It was a great weekend...quite relaxing...sana weekends would start on a Thursday pa lang hahaha....


Ann said...

cosmic sister, CAD Operator or Architect ka din ba? Naku ako may ginagawa ngayon. Simpleng project, actually thank you nga lang pero ok na to kayasa wala ginagawa ... kamag-anak kasi hahaha!

cheryll said...

hi sis!

naku, hindi po pero napilitan akong matuto kasi ung CAD tech namin sobrang lunod na sa ginagawa...kesa hintayin ko syang ma-free up, inaral ko na lang...

kahit nakakaduling minsan, natutuwa rin naman ako at meron akong bagong skill hehehe...