16 March 2007

WHEW! Just survived my first official report here in the company...it took me 4 days to come up with the report...quite difficult to make a Return of Investment (ROI) analysis and with super minimal supervision (kasi hindi pa rin sila naka-experience gumawa ng ROI huwaat?!).

But as usual, I relied on my learn-thru-crash-course skills at awa ng Diyos, I made it :D *di naman obvious na tuwang-tuwa ako no?*

Albert and I communicate throughout the day through Skype and pareho kami ng feeling that we want to go home na. Excited for our weekend's itinerary :) I got a recipe for tuna casserole from N@W and we plan to make it for dinner mamaya. Then tomorrow, we'll be picking up our marriage contract from Twin Hearts then go to Quiapo for some DVDs (oo pirata kami!). Then on Sunday we'll be hearing mass, watch 300 and pa-check up na ko sa OB-Gyn. Kaka-excite! :)

Here's our wishlist (most came from A):

1. external HDD (for storing our pictures and other stuff)
2. shelf (para daw magka-furniture naman kami sa house hahaha)
3. blank DVDs (so we can make copies of our wedding pics to send to Davao)
4. digital camera (although A has one, he'd like a new one preferably SLR :P)
5. laptop
6. car
7. house and lot
8. diapers and feeding bottles (di naman sya atat ano?)

Hahaha...libre namang mangarap (for items 5, 6, 7)... we also have our April 5-9 vacation to look forward to! Thank you Lord for providing :)

Finally, here's something from A...he made this the other day and I can say I'm proud of this - c'mon we have to celebrate life's little triumphs! :)


Ann said...

sis buntis ka na? so happy if you are ... as usual ako magmumukmok nanaman ... dahil wala pa. mga kasabayan ko naunahan na ako huhuhu! ingats lagi :)

cheryll said...

sis, hindi ko pa alam. inaantabayanan ko pa period ko. 11 days to go before march ends. alam mo naman tayong mga irregular, hindi sakto kung anong araw basta within the month hehe :)

ok lang yan sis, baby will come soon...binibigyan lang daw muna kayo ng time para makagala pa ni jason :)