12 March 2007

It's been a while...we've had our first monthsary na rin last Thursday (bilis talaga ng panahon). I actually planned to blog about it but wasn't able to do so. Darn, can't even remember why I forgot! But I believe it had something to do with my officemates not being in the office last Thursday and Friday. One was on a business trip to US, the other two were in Boracay which left me as the only non-manager engr here in our department :P So I had to rush, rush, rush...oh well...

Some updates:
  • I'm now a member of N@W but really haven't posted anything - mejo nothing substantial pa to share kasi di pa ako mommy nor expecting :P but I really enjoy reading posts and have filed away stuff in my local folders - pregnancy, travel, accessories, hospitals.. man, talk about being OC!
  • We still haven't posted nor gotten close to posting our wedding pics, anywhere! Shux, really gotta work on it soon - ga, gawin na natin ha? :)
  • Checked out babycenter.com (c/o Sis Ann) and used their ovulation calendar...hmm, sana gumana :P
  • I had a really scary puson-ache yesterday. Basta parang biglang sumakit lang sya while we were doing our grocery - the dysmenorrhea type of pain which makes it difficult to stand (and walk for that matter). What worried me was that, I didn't have my period. I was actually imagining horrible things like what if I was pregnant already kaso natagtag sa byahe from Marikina-Alabang? I was actually scared to see if there were any blood spots when I peed as soon as we got home... hahaha now that I think about it, nakakatawa. Because even if I was pregnant, I think it would be too early to cause me spotting na no. Pagdating sa bahay, I just lay down for a while, and the pain went away...which got us to thinking that I should have my check up with an OB-Gyn soon just to see if everything's fine with me. What do you think mga sis, OA ba or OK lang? If OK lang, do you have any OB-Gyn to recommend?
  • On another note, we're excited kasi we'll be travelling with Kuya Ba (and Diane) on April5-9. Mla-Iloilo-Guimaras-Bacolod daw, we actually don't have any idea how it'll be basta sama lang kami. Kuya Ba has friends kasi dun from his seminary days :) We have our e-tickets na thru Cebu Pacific...yey :)
  • What else? Well, there's still this nagging feeling that I'd really like to change jobs - something which will give me the chance to enrol in Med Trans course because I'm interested talaga in it. Kaso with my current job, di ko aabutan ang MWF 6-9pm class sa Festival Mall (not to mention I'd be dead-tired if I do it). Albert is supportive and even asks me if I prefer to leave my current job, enrol while looking for a new job. Problem is, I still have some financial stuff to arrange bago ko maiwan without hesitation ang trabaho ko ngayon. Lord, please help us sort out things...

Finally, I leave you with something that Albert told me last week (accdg to him he read it in an email):

Pag hehehe daw ang tawa, mahilig sa sex.

Pag hahaha naman, intelligent.

Hehehe, este hahaha pala! :)


Ann said...

Sis, I don't want to scare you kasi parang ganayn yung nangyari sa pinsan ni Jason before. nafifeel niya yung pain pag-meron siya kakaiba ... since yung sa iyo wala ka naman period tapos sumakit, eh mukhang kailangan magpatingin ka na.

alam mo mahirap timingan ang ovulation period pag irregular. I tried calculating didferent cycles, ang lumalabas kailagan every week every day kami mag-contact ... hahaha! lokarets talaga ako. Basta ang pinanghahawakan namin ngayon yung based sa period ko last month ... this week yung ovulation period na yun :D wish me luck ...

by the way ... you're super duper pretty nung wedding mo ... read about your supplier ratings na.

cheryll said...

kaya nga. basta kelangan ko nang magpatingin soon. dapat na nga i-sked. this weekend...pero scared talaga ako sis...

hahaha, natawa naman ako dun sa every week, every day. di din pwede un kasi during the seminar nung pre-cana sa twin hearts di ba sabi kelangan din mag-rest ng guy? recommended nila to rest for 2 days prior to that day. something to do with having a new batch of sperm...try mo i-check ulit ung hand-outs hehe.

ako din mejo nagtantya nung ginamit ko ung calendar...kasi na-record ko last 3 periods ko e so ginawa ko ung pang-28 days, pang-33 days at ung pang-30 days (average daw hehe). tapos hinanap ko overlap na araw nung 3, tingnan natin kung effective :P