15 May 2007

Yesterday was election day, were you able to exercise your right? Did you exercise it wisely? Unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to register for this election - in fact, I haven't registered for any election since I was legally allowed to vote since 1997. I was never in the right place at the right time - I was in the province during registration time but in Manila during election (or vice versa) =(

But I have resolved to register for the next election. At least I won't be much of a nomad since I've already "settled down" and would probably be where A would be (which is here in Manila). MIL (mother-in-law) mentioned yesterday that we would register in Marikina by then (because she and A are still registered in Project 4 where they lived before).

Just some observations with how Marikina and Quezon City were different...Marikina's polling places were tidier, i.e., no scattered pamphlets everywhere (they have pulot people I believe) while Quezon City resembled something wherein a tornado just passed through. Sobrang kalat! A few meters from the polling place a lot of people were handing out sample ballots, campaign paraphernalia for their respective candidates. It was quite irritating for me because I knew that those people who got these papers were just transporters of the trash. And truth be told, there were a lot of these papers scattered in the polling place *tsk tsk tsk*

We took a jeepney from Marikina to J.P. Rizal which was walking distance to the school/polling place. We noticed a lot of jeepneys parked on the sidewalk...kawawa naman ang mga tao, di na magamit ang bangketa! And some were even double parked... and the sewage system was being fixed so there were large pits along one side of the road - imagine the traffic it would cause!

Finally, another thing I hate about elections or more specifically the campaign period, is the countless streamers/posters/banners/leaflets that are all over the place. You can see the faces of the candidates everywhere - and they multiply exponentially as election day nears! Kung sana lang kasing sipag sila sa pagtanggal nung mga nilagay nila...I was thinking that there should be an ordinance requiring these people to take down/clean up their respective posters/banners... whoever was left with his picture still up there or on the walls after elections would surely show the irresponsibility of that person! If only...

Oh, did I mention that election campaign is one of my pet peeves?

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