18 June 2007

Happy Father's Day and other stuff :)

Happy Father's Day to my Papas, uncles, cousins, friends! :) I'll also greet A (kahit medyo advanced hehe)...

Yesterday, I just texted Papa and my uncles...it was fun getting their replies. My Uncle Rene was fishing pa nga when he thanked me for the greeting and asked if tama ba daw na i-greet na rin si Albert ng Happy Father's Day...hehehe. To which I replied of course that yes, two months na (and counting!)...sagot ba naman...Congratulations! Magkaka-apo na rin kami sa yo. It's funny but I couldn't seem to picture him as a lolo because he's still young...just 39 (or 40?) years old! Talk about batang lolo...

Mama is the 3rd among 11 siblings so naturally, malayo ang agwat ng edad nya from the younger siblings. In fact, my aunt who's their youngest, is just 9 years older than me...so I still have cousins who could pass for my pamangkin (2, 3, 4, 8 yrs old) - from my uncle and aunts who were the 3rd youngests (haha pardon me, can't think of the right phrase right now). Soon, they will be lolo and lolas and their kids little titos and titas :P

On the pregnancy front, just bought my first maternity pants last Saturday from Robinson's in Festival Mall. It was a bit pricey (parang ka-presyo ng maong! o_O) but very comfortable...I'm still in the "tightest" fit but it feels so good 'cause my tummy isn't scrunched up unlike with jeans. I'm really tempted to buy more but I have to be practical because I wouldn't be able to use this later on naman...
Tummy's getting bigger, I should take a picture soon...para may reference :P
As for A's back problem, thank God the x-ray results showed normal! There was minor (Grade 1-2) twisting (levorotation) of his spine but everything's okay naman daw. Just take some rest and follow the right lifting methods. He's on leave again today to get some more rest and tomorrow would be a holiday for Calamba so wala na naman syang pasok.
I'm getting excited 'cause we'll have our Sky Cable connected tomorrow! :P

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