25 June 2007

Monthly Check-up

We had our monthly check-up last Saturday, good thing we called up early in the morning to get our slot for Dr. Reyes - no.2 kami, o di ba? We left for Healthway Festival past 1pm, Doc Niza came in around 2pm and we were the first one to get called. Our check up was quite fast kasi may nagle-labor nang pasyente si Doc and she had to leave by 2:45.

It was time to listen to Baby's heartbeat...using her Doppler instrument. However, it took quite some time before she located Baby's location and we couldn't hear it pa kasi naiipit daw ng taba ko hahaha. So we had to go to the ultrasound room to check for the heartbeat...pero libre lang sya so no questions asked daw hehe.

But we did stay for a while, she showed us Baby (which has gotten big - bigger than the last ultrasound - syempre naman, dapat lang) who was soundly sleeping! Di gumagalaw, kinabahan nga ako nung una kasi wala talagang movement. Pero nasa 167bpm naman ang heart rate so no need to worry daw. Hopefully by the next time we have an ultrasound, tyempong gising si Baby...antukin pala 'to hahaha...

This would be my last week to take Folic Acid, I'll be switching to another med soon (on my 14th week)..just forgot the name..Sango-something..sheesh memory loss. Weight gain has been 4lbs so far for the first trim di ko na nga lang sasabihin kung anong timbang ko ;-P

We are now on our 2nd trimester! And last night, I told A that I am getting some apprehensions. I am a bit scared thinking of how giving birth would be like. And Mama is in Davao, buti sana kung kasama ko sya, at least merong makakabigay ng tips at first-hand info. Iba kasi talaga pag nanay mo, di ba? 6 months to go...waaahhhh panic panic...*breathe in, breathe out*
I pray everyday for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, and I just have to trust that other women were able to go through it, I should be able to do it as well!
Nausea still comes and goes, especially if hunger pangs come in. But it's not as worse as before, awa ng Diyos.

Need to buy some more garterized pants to wear...as in yung mga jeans ko, nakatambak na lang sa aparador, di na kasya! Hehehe...

We also still need to start visiting the hospitals and get their rates.

My parents are sending a box by next month containing my tita's pregnancy clothes (ayos makakatipid nang unti) and by August they're also planning to send some fruits....Weeeeehhhh!!! Excited na ako for the fruits...I'm sure marami talaga yun kasi Kadayawan Festival sa August, mura ang fruits at sobrang dami! May order na nga ako e...mangosteen, pomelos, rambutan, mangoes...yumyumyum! :P

Mama pala asked me through text if kita na raw ba mukha ni Baby dun sa ultrasound and if malalaman na kung boy or girl. Sabi ko, di pa kita ung mukha tsaka parang ayaw kong alamin kung boy or girl para suspense!


Ann said...

sis penge ng suhaaaaaaaaaaa hehehe! ingats lagi.

cheryll said...

hahaha sis, feel na feel ko ung pagsigaw ng suhaaaaaaa :)

sana nga mag-august na para anjan na ung care package hehehe