05 June 2007

Morning (noon and night) sickness

I'm glad that with the entry of this week (our 10th week, BTW) the morning (noon and night) sickness seems to ease off a bit...I just need to be vigilant and not let hunger creep in. Because once it does, that's when I feel the nausea come back (probably due to the decrease in blood sugar levels kaya nanghihina).

It's our tenth week based on the LNMP but 9th if we base it on the ultrasound crown-to-rump length (CRL). According to our OB, as long as the difference is not longer than 10days, we can stick to the original. So our due date would still be Dec 31 (but I usually say Jan 8 hehe)...but we feel that it would be somewhere really near Christmas day. Sabi nga ni Kuya Ba, mas tipid kasi joint celebration na lang sila ni A (whose birthday is on Dec 29).

My pants are getting tighter, in fact I can wear 4 pairs na lang and we're not yet past the first trimester! Shucks, need to watch the fats...but still my tummy is not all soft and marshmallowy, medyo siksik din nang unti. My bras are getting a bit tight (pero di pa naman constricting) and according to books I've read, the twins are known to grow about a cup or two larger pa during the whole 9 months! Woohoo...bigat nun!

Antakaw ko din sa fruits (which is good) and I make it a point to eat my veggies - especially the green leafy ones and the yellows (although more of the greens). Ewan ko pero masayang-masaya ako pag nakakakain ako ng prutas hehehe. Although it's more pricey...sabi nga ni A, food naman e so ok lang.

I can also actually feel the love, care and excitement of the people around me knowing that I'm preggy :P ganito pala pakiramdam parang lahat ng tao nag-aabala para sa yo hehehe... A does all the housechores...cooking, washing dishes (although delayed at maraming tambak sa sink pikit na lang ako kasi demanding pa ako sya na nga gumagawa ng mga gawaing bahay hehe), setting the washing machine, etc. Hopefully when the morning sickness goes away on our second trim, I should be able to help with the housechores again. Madali kasi talaga akong mapagod ngayon, sumasakit agad ang likod pag matagal nakatayo...when we buy our groceries, we have to hurry para hindi abutan na sumama na naman pakiramdam ko. All for the baby, kahit mahirap kayang tiisin :)

In the office, I'm quite lucky (for the meantime) because we have our OJTs whom I can request to go the the production line and do some things for me. However, they only have until this Friday then I'm back to doing my stuff myself again. Huhuhu. I tried to ask my boss if I can take a month's off to rest (and not have my morning sickness attacks while I'm in the office)..sabi ba naman, kaya mo yan! Isip ko, sige pero magsi-sick leave ako madalas...pag di ko kayang pumasok di talaga ako papasok. Hehehe...

BTW, I finally got a copy of What To Expect When You're Expecting from the BookSale branch in Megamall. I've been looking for this book since we found out we were preggy but wasn't lucky enough, laging out of stock. So when I chanced upon it last Saturday, bili na agad!


Ann said...

been wanting to feel what you're feeling right now ... I feel like crying waaaaaaaaa!

be safe always mwah!

cheryll said...

hi sis! it's a dilemma...not wanting to feel sick all the time at the same time being happy that i'm feeling it :P

i wish hindi ako masyadong matakaw kasi taba na talaga ako ngayon huhu..

ung isang boss dito me tinurong technique kung pano daw mabuntis pero email ko na lang sa yo mejo *censored* e :P

Pie said...

kakaexcite!!! ;)

cheryll said...

hi pie :)

oo nga, actually excited akong mejo lumaki na ung tummy hehe. gusto ko na kasing mamili ng damit hahaha...

YETTE said...

nakakamiss naman maging preggy! i really loved my preggy days even if i had backaches and became swollen that i looked like i was having the worst allergic reaction in the world. despite that, i would still want to have even one more baby in the future.

take care and think happy thoughts always!