28 September 2007

2nd trimester updates...

Hi everyone, again, got really SSSOOOO busy with work that I don't have enough time to update my blog :( I also know that I really should be taking it easy now that I'm entering my 3rd trimester. Actually, dapat nga since nabuntis taking it easy na ako. Oh well...

I'm now blogging kasi I was touched by Heidi's award (at mejo na-guilty kasi binigyan pa nya ako ng award kahit di ako nakakapag-update hehe). Here's what she wrote...thanks Sis!

Cheryl of Taking the Plunge Together is one of those people whom I have only communicated through the internet yet feels like a long lost friend. She's really very easy to talk to. And although she has not updated her blog for quite a long time now, I feel like she deserves this award as well.

Congrats din to Ann and Jason! I know this is the gift you've been waiting for some time now..so happy for you :)


- As mentioned, I'm now on my 26th week (26 weeks, 4 days) and anticipating the arrival of our baby boy. Mixed feelings actually, excited and nervous at the same time. I guess that's normal for first time moms :)

- We've started buying some baby stuff...last week we bought a pack of Chino Pino cloth diapers and 6pcs of Enfant (Enfant nga ba? Sheesh, ayan na naman ang aking short term memory loss) birds eye lampin. We aren't planning on buying much newborn clothes since we have several barely-used hand-me-downs from my tita and mama is sending us my old baby clothes. Yes, ganyan nya kaalaga ung mga damit namin at pwede ko pang ipasuot sa aking magiging baby. I'm quite excited to receive the package na nga e, it would be fun to just look at those teeny tiny baby clothes!

- During last month's prenatal check up, Dr. Niza commented that my total weight gain is quite low (7 lbs lang! I lost weight kasi nung nagkasakit ako dati) any my fundal height is quite low din daw. Although she mentioned that it's not a reason to worry since I gained weight naman since my last prenatal check up. E mejo kinabahan ata si A (hehe), ayan papa-ultrasound ulit kami to check baby's fetal weight. I also have to undergo another glucose challenge test...these are scheduled on Sunday, hope everything's fine.

- It's getting harder to wake up in the morning, malamig kasi tsaka ung joints ko madalas nang mag-reklamo :P Para akong nira-rayuma na walang lakas ung balakang ko. This happens especially if I stay in a certain position for some time, and when I shift position, walang lakas talaga ung hips ko. Quite difficult to describe basta ganun hahaha. I also have to sleep on my side now kasi mahirap nang huminga pag nakatihaya.

- I also look buntis na talaga...meaning, my tummy is really bigger so that I had to buy new clothes na since di na kasya ung mga damit ko. Huhuhu... at ang pants ng buntis ha, mas mahal pa kesa usual jeans! Pero masayang mag-shopping, take note :P

Hmm what else? I guess that's all for now. Ay tama, we plan to attend the Simply Maternal classes at Asian Hospital on Oct 20&27. For those parents-to-bes na gusto din mag-attend, it's from 9-11AM. Free of charge...they'll discuss childbirth, breastfeeding, anesthesia etc.

Guess I'll have to sign off now..till my next post :)


Heidi said...

buti naman you're ok pala... i can understand being busy... these days, kung hindi lang ako pasaway at sumisingit ng pag-post sa blog ko while checking the office e-mail, my blog will probably be update-free din! anyways, stay happy, i'll be praying for your safe delivery and on having a healthy baby! :-)

BabyPink said...

weee! i am so excited... nga mugawas na si baby brother/sister! balitaan mo ako, 'mi, ha?:)

ingat lagi!

love you!:)

cheryll said...

hi heidi! thanks for the prayers :) btw, had our ultrasound yesterday, ok naman fetal weight ni baby, sakto lang :)

hi roffing! :) mao lagi, ako pod excited na sa pag-abot nya hehe. kulba lang pod haha. miss u na...

Anonymous said...

wow wow! you're expecting a baby boy!! babaha ng cigar sa ospital! hehehe. hugs kapatid!! (na-excite ako for you..as in!)

Ann said...

hi sis, sa wakas may update na din sa iyo :) at special mention pa kami ni Jason hehehe. I'm still undergoing my first trimester ... next week 8 weeks na, will undergo another ultrasound. due mo na pala sa December...can't wait to see your baby pictures :)