26 October 2007

Updates again

Ayan, patakas na naman ito hahaha...

Just had another ultrasound yesterday to check on baby's weight. Dr. Niza was getting worried because from our last ultrasound, baby's weight was only 850g at 27wks. Supposedly, he should have reached about a kilo then. Buti naman at tama na ang timbang nya kahapon...he's now almost 1.45kg! Kaya pala bumibigat na talaga sya...

Body pains are still present, now more than ever. Mostly it's on my hips and sometimes even my wrists (carpal tunnel). I was getting worried about the pain I experience on my wrists, not knowing that it is part of pregnancy! Last week, when we attended the first of 2 lectures on childbirth, carpal tunnel pain was explained. Whew! Akala ko ung talagang carpal tunnel syndrome na! It's quite tough getting up from bed especially if I've been lying for some time...ang sakit sa balakang! I also easily get tired, requiring rest from time to time...hindi na kaya ang window shopping nang tuluy-tuloy.

But of course, everything is for baby...so even if the pains are uncomfortable, I can tolerate it. Kasi kung ngayon pa nga lang mababa na ang tolerance ko sa sakit, pano na lang pag nanganak na ako?

One of the best experiences I've been through is when baby moves. His favorite spot is the right side of my tummy...laging nakasiksik dun! And after a meal, he's usually active. BTW, as of yesterday, he's already head down but his position can still change until my 37th week accdg to the OB-Gyne who did my ultrasound.


On another note, I turned another year older yesterday...28 na ako! I went on birthday leave and just spent the whole day with A (syempre parang birthday nya rin at nag-leave din sya hehe). We went to Megamall after our ultrasound, to have his NBI clearance renewed. Dapat sana ako din, kaso dahil change status ang kelangan ko, di daw pwede sa kiosk. Dapat sa satellite office nila or sa Carriedo mismo. Oh well.

I enjoyed the day, one of the best birthday gifts is knowing that baby is already on his ideal weight :) Another gift is A's company for the day...of course, knowing that my loved ones are safe and sound :) But still another is A's gift for me...a new wristwatch! Wheee...


Something to look forward (?) to...our IELTS exam on Nov. 3. Wish us luck!


BabyPink said...

hay, cute baby brother naman ito si baby!:)

belated happy birthday, 'mi! you take care always. i wish all that's best for you deserve no less. mwahugs!:)

God bless sa ielts!:)

Ann said...

sis, belated happy birthday! wishing for a worry free pregnancy for you ... as for me... as much as I wanted not to worry eh nagwoworry talaga ako dahil daming symptoms na lumalabas sa akin na dapat wala hay o hay.

cheryll said...

hi roffing! thanks for the greetings :) grabe kalihukan ning imong brother oi...usahay sakit na ba murag sa akong ribs nagasuksok hehehe...

ielts was ok. hopefully we get a minimum score of 7 for each part...ito kasi ung requirement para makuha namin full points for the visa.


cheryll said...

hi cosmic sis!

thanks for dropping by and for your greeting :)

don't worry too much (kasi kahit naman ako me worries), just continue praying and keep healthy for yourself and your baby. God bless.