07 November 2007

Still quite busy with work...but at least hindi na limited sa work lang :) We're also working on completing the document requirements for a visa. Later na lang ako magkwento pag medyo me patutunguhan na hehehe. For now, we've just had our IELTS exam last Saturday (for the Listening, Writing and Reading portions) and the Speaking test last Monday. It went well (we think) though we have our fingers crossed. We'll get the results on the 17th...so till then...we'll keep our fingers (and toes) crossed :P


Spent the long weekend at home, just relaxing (A was also reviewing a bit for the exam but I was so lazy to study hehe). Just wanted to play some PC games, watch TV or answer some crossword puzzles. BTW, I've also bought some coloring books...reserving those para me libangan naman ako when I go on my ML in a month's time.

Speaking of, I'm really getting excited to start on my ML. Kasi naman, sobrang nakakatamad nang gumising sa umaga. Ang dali na talagang mapagod ng katawan ko lalo na sa hapon. Hindi ko na rin talaga kayang nakatayo at naglalakad nang matagal. Can't wait for December to arrive hehehe...


We've bought a crib for Ethan, and a bouncer/rocker seat for him as well through EBay (a former officemate is selling some brand new items imported from Australia and she is selling those at a really low price kaya we grabbed the opportunity agad! The crib is convertible to a toddler's bed when Ethan (BTW, we're really bent on naming him Ethan na talaga, still thinking of a second name though) gets bigger later on. Hmm..let me make up a list.

I remember about this time last year, my list was composed of stuff to prepare for our wedding and now, it's about stuff for baby :)

1. Crib - done (just need to clean up the house before we have it delivered)
2. Changing table - done; it's part of a package with the crib.
3. Mattress - still need to buy
4. Baby's clothes - most came from Davao, mga damit pa namin dati or ng mga pinsan ko
- Rompers - done
- Mittens - done
- Booties - done, we bought itty-bitty socks
- Bonnet - done
- Shorts/Pajamas - done
- Long sleeved shirt - done
5. Receiving blankets - done
6. Pillows - done, just need to buy new pillowcases (pahiram lang din kasi from my aunt)
7. Bath towel and washcloth - done
8. Diapers - done, we bought 2 packs of 4 (Drypers Small) for now
9. Cloth diapers - done
10. Lampin - done
11. Baby carrier - done, pahiram ulit. Though di pa naman talaga kelangan for now
12. Breast pump - done, pahiram din. Just need to sterilize
13. Feeding bottles - for now we have 1 4oz and 1 9oz (Avent) bottles. We'll buy na lang additional later, depends how ample my milk supply will be *wink!*
14. Toiletries for baby - still need to buy
15. Accessories like thermometer, nail-cutter, nose aspirator - still need to buy
16. Baby book - still need to buy, but already saw one I like in National Bookstore
17. Baby bag - still need to buy, but saw one we liked at Shopwise (Baby Couture, the body-bag type)
18. Mosquito net for the crib - still need to buy

That's all I can think of for now. If you think of anything which I've missed, please do let me know.

For myself, I still have a lot of stuff to buy...things I'll be bringing to the hospital...need to consult the checklists! :)

Hmm what else? I guess that's all for now...will update again next time :)


BabyPink said...

magiging henyo rin talaga sigurado si baby brother at magaling sa crossword puzzle!:)

Ann said...

so sa Shopwise pala may Baby Couture. Ayoko din kasi nung usual baby bag na may baby prints, gusto ko fashionable para kahit si hubby nagbubuhat eh di siya madadyahe na buhatin yun in public hehehe... send me a pic pag nakabili ka na ha mwah!

cheryll said...

hi sis!

Sure, dapat kasi talaga di ako tamarin pagdating sa bahay :P pag uwi ko kasi mga 8pm na, kakain na lang ako, pahinga nang unti tapos hihiga na...sobrang pagod ung katawan haha.

will send u the pic one of these days... God bless sa yung pagbubuntis