30 July 2008

Ethan's 7th and Winning cupcakes

Ethan turned 7 months old yesterday and for the first time, I'm posting the pics right away! :P

This time, we were able to order yummy cupcakes from Chipper Cupcakes (PJ Mariano - http://chippercupcakes.i.ph/) and had a somewhat different approach to our celebration... just one candle but his cupcakes spelled out ETHAN@7 :)

We also had him wear his monthly "costume" and indeed, our little boy is growing up so fast.

Mejo bugnot kasi inaantok na hehehe...right after our celebration nga, he drank his milk (of course, direct feeding pa rin from me) and went to sleep...ay nap lang pala kasi nagising din after 30mins. Okay lang coz I had the time to give him his sponge bath and he was able to play for a while before finally dozing off...

He's now 8 kilos heavy but didn't really get taller from last month (66cm pa rin). He had his 2nd doze of IPV last Saturday and as usual, he only cried when the syringe was removed pero tahan agad. We're mixed feeding him now coz di na talaga kaya ng powers ng gatas ko to provide his milk supply for the whole day. Usually, my milk lasts only for his morning consumption, sa hapon formula na sya. He's continuing with his solid food, eating squash now but we mix banana with it kasi ayaw nya ung pure squash :P

Malikot na rin kasi kaya na nyang mag-roll sa bed (dapa-tihaya-dapa) to get to wherever he wants...he can also move kahit nakadapa, not really crawling pero nakakaikot sya using his arms, feet and tummy hehehe. When he's left alone sa bed, barricaded sya with pillows but we don't leave him for too long kasi he can lift the pillows na rin kasi. Last weekend, we cleaned up his crib and lola leaves him there when she needs to be away longer than a few minutes.

He's definitely enjoying his Jolly Jumper and we try to put him there once a day for about 10 mins for his exercise. And he loves jumping up and down especially when we sing the "...makulay ang buhay...sa meaty ginisang gulay..." and me dancing with him. Hahaha. Lumalabas din ang special powers ko from time to time...being a clown, a wrestler (during bath time most especially), singer, dancer and now artiste (preparing for his birthday party pohon)! Not to mention, being a milk machine hahaha... pero kung sleepy na ako (groggy at that) and Ethan is still very kulit...ah, special powers na ni A ang kelangan dyan hahaha...

He's also babbling a lot na rin these days...and can even demand for dede (minsan yeye pagkakasabi) from time to time (desperate times need desperate measures hahaha). He's quite fascinated with a lot of things, well about all things pala. We're amazed the way he knows which parts of the laptop he should press pound on (it should be the keys, of course) or the way he easily smiles when we sing a familiar song to him. Kakatuwa.

We just might buy him his walker one of these days para makapag-practice na rin syang maglakad-lakad :)

Here's the little boy wanting to touch the candle again...BTW, with the risk of being called a bad mother, we gave him a taste of the cupcake's icing which he loooovvveeedddd (so, sue me)! Until next month then hahaha...


Last time, I posted a pic of Ethan wearing his Superman romper...last night, he was the friendly neighborhood Spiderman naman :P

and here's Spiderman enjoying his Jolly Jumper...hahaha...

I really thought he'd get irritated by his mask, but amazingly, he wasn't. He just went on his merry way of jumping up and down. And when we have him face a mirror and look at himself, a big big smile just lights up his face :P

Finally, remember Chipper Cupcakes? PJ posted on her site that she's gonna be baking a new flavor soon..."Hint: one's refreshingly fruity, one's deep and dark - both for adults only! Especially made for those who like to tipple". She was going to give out a free dozen to the first person who'd be able to guess one of the flavors.

Needless to say, I'm a sucker for freebies (hey, who isn't?! right? hehe) so I joined with my wild guess of Citrus Punch for the refreshingly fruity one. Fortunately (hehe), no one guessed the right one so PJ gave out 6 cupcakes na lang as consolation prizes to those who were able to make a close enough guess...

And I was one of those!!!! :D Whheeeee!!! Hahaha, halata bang first time kong manalo sa mga ganito? Hahaha. I'll be receiving 6pcs FREE Screwdriver-flavored cupcakes :) Still checking with PJ when I'd be able to claim my prize :P Syempre, ni-save ko ung post nya as proof na nanalo talaga ako hahaha...

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