16 July 2008

Dropped by to post links to some of Ethan's videos.

Not much kwento yet, just that he's really getting to be more active and that my breastmilk supply's dwindling *sniff sniff*. As much as I try to drink a LOT of water (which means more toilet trips for me) and squeeze the milk out of the girls, hay...usually I go home with only 7oz of milk :( good day na kung mapuno ko man ung bottle (which is about 9oz). So Ethan has to mix feed...and he's starting to eat solid food na rin naman.

He has already tasted potatoes, carrots, sayote, banana (latundan variety), and avocado. We plan to start feeding him rice cereal na rin later this week (we space out introducing new food to identify allergies, sana naman wala)...was able to find milled brown rice sa Healthy Options. I know, expensive, but just wanted to try that one out first. Pag ok na, will switch to buying brown rice and have it milled na lang sa supermarket or sa palengke.

We'll be attending Sabrina's (Ethan's cousin) christening this Sunday and we're still looking for a shirt for Ethan hehe. We were able to buy a new romper for him (Spiderman this time) but we found it so cute (kasi ung hood nagiging mask) that we think it might not be appropriate for the occasion muna...sa ibang time na lang. But we do plan to get a picture/video of him wearing it while in his Jolly Jumper.

Ahh...the Jolly Jumper, his latest toy/exercise thing (another pasalubong from Lolo, Lola and Tito Abet). It looks like this...


just look at the baby bouncing up and down and imagine him with a mat underneath. Something like the Dance Pad (Dance Revo) before which makes sounds when he steps on it. And the little boy has SOOOO much fun with it. Methinks his legs look like that of a ballerina when he jumps hehehe. A's still working on the video before we can post it in YouTube, so stay tuned ;-)

For now, we have these videos:

1. Ethan meets Little Bessie - http://www.youtube.com/v/MV3W7qupn8I
2. Ethan meets Mr. Slinky - http://www.youtube.com/v/wUFhX-VkCRA
3. Ethan with Little Bessie and Mr. Slinky - http://www.youtube.com/v/0iuL_F3nEfQ

Enjoy! :)

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