03 July 2008

Half a Dozen

Ethan turned 6 months old last Sunday...time to start solid food! :)

Actually, we already fed him potatoes last Friday (June 27). We just mashed a small portion of the potato na kasama dun sa nilagang baka and mixed in breastmilk para lumabnaw ng unti. The little boy LOVED it! We fed him again last Sunday night, this time...when I was about to put in the spoon inside his mouth...he grabbed my hand para mapadali ang pagsubo sa kanya! Hahaha. Tapos pagkasubo, laki ng ngiti nya, sabay rub ang kanyang feet. Kitang-kita na tuwang-tuwa sya. When it was time to drink water, he was able to hold his bottle already! Hay, our little boy is definitely growing na...bittersweet kasi syempre happy ako na he's growing up at the same time, I'm starting to miss our baby na. Ngek, ang aga pa ba? Pero naiisip ko kasi na papunta na dun at before we know it, he'll be starting school already. Hahaha...the dramatic musings of a nanay.
A was able to record happy, bungisngis, bouncing baby boy's eating antics on the video cam...should be able to upload it soon :P

So far, kaya na nyang dumapa at paminsan-minsan kaya na rin nyang bumalik sa pagkatihaya. Mostly, paikot-ikot lang sya hahaha. There are times (I believe pag sobrang gustung-gusto na nya ng milk) na nakakapagsabi sya ng "dede" he can also call "mama". Note na pag malumanay ang tono na "mama", ako un. Pag "ma" lang with a maragsa tone, si grandma nya un. Sometimes, we find him signing for milk also (the proper one with the open-close hand) and mostly, just moving his whole right arm up and down (milk din ibig sabihin nun for him hahaha). He continues to munch on anything he gets his hands on...but no teeth yet. He is also able to support his weight on his legs na...nakakatayo with assistance. And he appreciates the game of pick-a-boo na rin (dati kasi dedma haha) to which he giggles...and ang sarap marinig ang tawa nya! :)

He had his MMR shot last Saturday. Cried, no make that whined, a bit then wala na. He's now 7.4kgs (0.3kg heavier) and 66cm tall. Didn't really gain much weight but got taller by 2cms. Sabi nga ng pedia nya, he's tall daw :)

Here he is waiting for his turn inside doc's clinic...

Here's a close up of his shoes (pasalubong from lolo and lola)...which he kicked off persistently. Of course, this round went to the little boy...tanggal ang shoes.
And while waiting for his doctor, he had some contortionist moves...
hehehe...pliable talaga ang katawan ng baby, no?

Then last Sunday, Grandma went home to Davao already (to rest for 2 months hehe, change shift si Lola naman). We brought her to the airport and little boy went with us. Yep, he woke up at 4:30AM and we were off to the airport by 5AM for Grandma's 7:30AM flight. We were supposed to wait for Grandma to board the plane before going home but Ethan was getting cranky already. As soon as we sat in the car, Ethan was ready for his milk kaso Mama had to sent a SMS muna (bad hehe). Sobrang sleepy na talaga the little boy kasi as soon as he got his milk, in less than a minute, nakapikit na sya at tulog na :P So he slept all the way from the airport to Alabang. Woke up when we got off the car and was full of energy again hehe...

Here are his cupcake pics...

Eto tuwang-tuwa ako kasi I was able to capture a very nice moment :) Tsamba queen talaga si Mama! :P


Ann said...

happy 6th month birthday Ethan, lapit na ang 1st birthday mo :)

cheryll said...

thank you po, tita ann :) si julianna malapit na ring mag-2 months :)

sis, bilis ng panahon no?