30 September 2008

Hurrah! 9 months na!

Thanks to A who sent yesterday's pics through Skype (sshhh, I'm using the portable version so I don't need to install it thus escaping our IT's block), I can now post Ethan's 9th cupcake birthday pics.

We ordered cupcakes from PJ (Chipper Cupcakes) again...yummy, yummy cupcakes. And I was able to claim my prize na rin (remember the half a dozen Screwdriver cupcakes I won by guessing her new flavor in her blog?)...

As usual, wearing his birthday outfit, the shorts are getting too short :) It might not be obvious in the picture, but that's a big smile on his face while looking at his cupcakes. I had to hold him tight (which is DIFFICULT) because he wants to swipe at the candle!

Here's us again...

Then we had a picture taken with grandma. We had to take several shots because he was moving so much that the pictures turn out blurred. I guess sooner or later we'd have to invest in a higher resolution and faster shutter speed camera (ahem, this is A's wish as well).

So far, I think the blowing-the-candle pictures are usually with A.

Finally, here's the little boy enjoying his cupcake :)


For posterity's sake, Ethan now weighs 8.7kgs and measures 72cms long! Big boy na si little boy namin. As soon as he finishes his bottle of Nutrilin, we'll be shifting to Cherifer already - but still maintain Ceelin. He had his Flu vaccine shot last Saturday and due for a booster shot next month.

He's graduated from overly-mashed food to finger foods :) Natutuwa lang talaga ako at gusto nya ng veggies. He loves broccoli and even eats ampalaya! But of course, his all time favorite will always be Ba-na-na! :)

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