30 September 2008

Have to put this in lest I forget (alam nyo naman, hindi sure kung kelan ko na naman mapo-post ang 9th cupcake birthday pics ni ethan)...

Just yesterday, Ethan learned how to wave goodbye :) According to grandma, an airplane went by and she told Ethan "Babay, airplane, babay" and the little boy just started to wave goodbye. So last night, we tried again and he really did it - he knows how to do it now! Hahaha...

About a week or two ago, he also learned to stand on his own (but still holding on to someone or something so he can stand up) and knows how to balance - if you don't call his attention to it, he can stand for a few seconds without holding on to something :)

Last night, A was playing with him, singing Macho, Macho Man (hahaha, Ethan knows this song - and is tickled by it - my gosh, wag naman sanang sign...hello, Village People?!) and Ethan was dancing along.

Just some stuff, I wanted to put in print to remember his milestones...kwento itutuloy when I get to upload the pics from yesterday :)

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