29 September 2008

Our Tagaytay Trip

We went to Tagaytay last Sunday (Sept 21) to have lunch at Sonya's Garden and visit Ilog Maria Bee Farm. A's wandering lust kicked in and I got bit by the bug as well, I also wanted to bring Mama there para makapamasyal - I knew she'd love the garden. Grandma (my mama) arrived last Sept. 7 to take turn with Lola in taking care of Ethan (change shift kumbaga haha).

Saturday was quite rainy so I was a bit hesitant to go out on Sunday, buti na lang mejo nag-clear up naman ang langit although malakas ang hangin (may bagyo pala nun!). So off we went to Tagaytay. We were armed with a map going to Ilog Maria and I was able to find directions to Sonya's through the internet. We left Alabang around 10AM and was in Sonya's past 11, in time lang for lunch! :)

Sorry, no pics nung lunch namin...come to think of it, ba't nga ba wala? Hehehe.

The last time I've been to Sonya's was way back 2006 pa at sa garden lang kami pumunta so the resto area was something new for me. It was cozy and the mini-garden was nice to look at while we were eating our salad, pasta and dessert.

Salad was composed of several greens (may rose petals pa nga), and a variety of stuff you can add - pineapples, papaya, mango, melon, cucumber, tomato, cheese, boiled egg, anchovies, kesong puti, patani (dried and roasted ata) - served with Sonya's secret dressing. This was served with their bread and dalandan juice.

For pasta, two types of sauce were served - creamy chicken and sun-dried tomatoes, both equally bland for me. You can mix in sauteed shiitake mushrooms, ratatouille, fried salmon belly - hmm, that's all I remember now hehehe.

I liked the bread and the dessert - glazed camote served in syrup which smelled like vanilla, and turon..oh, and a teeny weeny slice of chocolate cake (methinks Ms. Polly's chocolate cake is still the best - A shares this sentiment hehe). The pasta, as I've said, was bland for my taste, I had to put a lot of parmesan to make it a bit salty.

Ethan ate the fruits from the salad while sitting on the high chair. We fed him pasta and chocolate cake as well. He also loved the "water curtains" and the water fountain. This little guy LOVES water - he loves watching the raindrops, loves taking a bath, looking at fountains brings a big smile to his face - can't wait to bring him swimming! :) Here's the little boy with his "No Batteries Required" long-sleeved romper - buti na lang nagpunta kaming Tagaytay para maisuot nya ito!

After lunch, we went around the garden and took pictures again - mama loved the flowers (gustong mamitas hahaha) unfortunately, we couldn't buy any because we know it won't thrive in non-Tagaytay climate hehe - sayang sa pera at kawawa lang ung plants.

I also took a picture of A and Ethan...I love their smiles. Ethan ala Stuart Little in this pose hahaha...

This one naman, the opposite direction (coming from the bed and breakfast area towards the resto). Hindi naman obvious na nahihirapan na akong kargahin si Ethan, ano? :P

At Ilog Maria, we met with my mother's youngest brother Uncle Rene (ang batang lolo) since they live nearby lang naman. He brought his two chikitings with him (Ethan's Tita Bea and Tito Chesko) who seem to have Motolite strapped to their bodies sa sobrang daming energy ng mga batang ito!

Grandma and I were all agog at the various soaps and other products being sold. We bought several soaps - I had the one with carrots (for skin rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle chuva), grandma got the one with sandalwood (for people with insomnia among other "ailments" - don't know if it's just the placebo effect in place but grandma swears she hasn't had any insomnia episode since she used the soap), we got the oatmeal&mint and calamansi for A's papa (for dry skin and the oatmeal serves as a gentle exfoliant), and the one with milk for A's mama (moisturizing). I also bought shampoo (for dry scalp and dandruff - eww! it has mint in it to provide the cool after feel) - bought one for papa too, lip balm for my cousin who often gets chapped lips and some anti-itch ointment. I also bought grandma rosaries - believe me she collects these!

After our shopping spree, we just sat on one of the benches and enjoyed the cool breeze. Chesko and Bea were still very hyper running to and fro. When I whipped out my camera for picture taking, both of them went running - they didn't want their pictures taken. Geez, I had to steal some shots hahaha.

Ethan had fun watching his tito and tita running around. He loved the breeze, loved playing on the table. He also loved playing with A :)

We left Tagaytay past 4PM, dropped by Amber Restaurant (malapit na to sa bahay) to buy food for dinner. It was a great trip...had a fun, relaxed day. Sarap mamasyal (sana lang hindi ako laging nauunahan ng katamaran hahaha).


Ann said...

laki-laki na ni Ethan ha ... and ngiti din ng ngiti sa cam :)

cheryll said...

hi ann! yep, anlaki na nga. ambigat na rin hahaha.

kita ko rin pics ni janna...ambilis nila lumaki, no?