29 September 2008

My gosh, it's already Ethan's 9th cupcake birthday today and I have yet to post his 8th month's pics! Time really flies so fast, and things are a bit hectic at the office right now (excuses, excuses!).

Anyway, I'm posting his 8th month cupcake birthday pics (better late than never)...

See the little boy? He would love to get hold of the candles! So we had to blow out the candles and give him free reign on the cupcakes...

Spot the kawawang cupcake :)
A pic with mama (ahem, pardon my hair again!). I just love his smile, always brightens up our day!


The little boy can really communicate what he wants. He says "adede" to mean, of course, he wants milk. He can also say "mam" and "am", mind you, those are two different things. "Mam" means water and "am" is for food.

Yup, he eats a lot of food now (hehe), he has been given the go signal to eat whatever is on the table. He eats Fita biscuits...yup, he's graduated to finger foods already. I gave him gulaman (from the macaroni salad of Wendy's) yesterday and he loved it as well. Still no teeth but he finds a way to "chew". When offered a banana, he'd gladly take a big bite but of course we don't allow that...Mama doesn't want to perform a Heimlich maneuver and worse, doesn't know how to! :P

When asked where the pogi boy is, he immediately looks for the mirror (yup, feeling star ang anak ko hahaha). When we hum a lullabye, he looks at his crib mobile and smiles. When we ask him where his jolly jumper/jumpy jumpy is, he immediately looks for the spring of his jolly jumper. Katuwa.

Before he goes to sleep, he hums...well, it's music for him (and for me) but may sound like gibberish to others hahaha.

He's also very very active already, loves to hold on to the window grills and look outside (look at the roosters, look for the dog). He also loves looking at the moving leaves and if given a chance, will pick fruits (guavas or kalamansi - bubot nga lang :P).

Daming kwento about Ethan. He's really a joy to be with...although tiring din because you really have to keep up with his energy!


We went to Tagaytay last Sunday (Sept 21), had lunch at Sonya's Garden and visited Ilog Maria Bee Farm. Stories on a separate post...

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