19 November 2008

Christmas is just around the corner...it's that time of the year again :)

I've always considered Christmas season as my favorite ever since I was a kid. Well, I guess a lot of people do but I also know that a lot of people comment that Christmas is different when you get older - most especially when it's your turn to give out gifts hehehe. Some people also get skeptical saying that it's not practical to celebrate Christmas anymore because of the sky-high prices etc etc.

Not me. Nah-uh, definitely not me.

I still believe in the magic of Christmas. I still feel tingly all over when I feel the cool December breeze (this is my first Christmas working in Calamba area where it's definitely cooler because of Mt. Makiling's influence, I guess). Christmas songs make me smile, they make me happy. The thought of Noche Buena and being with family makes me happy.

Yes, it's my turn to give out gifts (because I'm one of the adults now *gasp*) and I have a long list (well, maybe it's shorter than others) of people to give gifts to. But I don't mind. Giving gifts to people I treasure (note the qualifying phrase!) give me joy. Just because. I want to show them how much I appreciate them.

Just last night, I told A that I'm really preparing for Christmas this year. I have enough to spend on gifts and I want to feel like Santa :D It's also my way of sharing the blessings that I've received this year - I've been given much, so I also want to give much in return. Cheesy? Maybe, but it's my cheesy simple joy to relish :)

Another reason why this year's yuletide is extra special is because I'll have my loved ones with me - my family's spending it with us, A and I have Ethan now (who's eyes lit up when he first saw the twinkling Christmas lights), we are also in Manila so we can also celebrate with A's family!

Still another reason would be the presence of Ethan - I can relive my childhood days through him (haha). The joy of twinkling Christmas lights on the Christmas tree, dancing bouncing to Christmas carols, and receiving gifts.

Speaking of Ethan, we're also preparing for his 1st birthday party (which would also be A's 31st *wink*). I've completed the loot bags (just need to buy candies), the invitations are ready for printing, and we have reserved the place. I'm currently looking for a cake and cupcakes supplier. If we'll be able to get a reasonable price for the cupcakes, we'll have those as our souvenir as well. Otherwise, we'd have to find something else.

I'm having fun with the preps. I'm also excited to complete my gift list so that I can start wrapping them! :) I have 4 more weeks of work then the much-awaited Christmas vacation which would be 2 weeks long! :)

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