03 November 2008

Our little boy turned 10 months (yep, that's two more months and he'll be a year old! how time flies) last Wednesday. As usual, we bought cupcakes and had noodles (this time, pancit bihon) for the celebration.

**Delayed kwento again, was busy last Wednesday and Thursday for a qualification report I had to do. Then Friday, we weren't able to go to work because Ethan had fever last Thursday night. We had to bring him to his pedia for check-up (buti na lang hindi pa nagbakasyon si Doc Teves). It turned out to be a viral infection, he was prescribed with Tempra and Rowagel. If his temp went to the 39's, we were supposed to start the antibiotics. Thank God, the highest was at 38.9 and easily went down with Tempra and sponging/placing wet towels on his forehead and armpits. He was fever-free (finally) yesterday, thank God. **

We tried out the cupcakes from Aggy's (they recently opened in Festival Mall), we bought 10 mini-cupcakes (they sell it in 5's - P56/pack) and 1 regular-sized cupcake (priced at P36). We opted to have the minis because it would be hard to finish 10 regular-sized cupcakes and also difficult to fit on a plate (hehe). The regular-sized one was for the candle.

Do you see us at the background? Yep, the little boy looks so seryoso while reading the book :)

Then here's Papa blowing the candle (hehehe - parang sya ang nag-bday)...

  • Ethan has 2 teeth now (lower incisors)
  • He can sit on his own (from higa-to-dapa-to-upo in a flash!)
  • He can stand up while holding on to something or someone
  • He recognizes a lot of objects - the mirror (where's the pogi boy?), the guitar, his jolly jumper, where the lizard should be located (sa kisame syempre), Mama and Papa, the clock, banana, rooster
  • Waves bye-bye
  • Eats what we eat (except of course kung maanghang at ung mga junk foods, limited lang), and knows what we mean by "chewing his food well"
  • Wants to drink from a glass - and can manage to do so pero syempre may unting tumutulo
  • Cannot be tricked into opening his mouth for vitamins *tsk tsk* kelangang mag-isip ni Mama ng bagong technique everytime
  • Gives a kiss (panay laway naman ang mukha nung hinalikan - kaya pinapa-kiss lang namin sa amin para sure kaming malinis ung mukha :P)
  • Knows how to close the door - but mischievously opens it again
  • Dances to the A-B-C song, Macho Man (hehe Village People), Boogie Wonderland (kakaiba taste nito). His "dancing" is by way of bouncing his pwet.
  • Can say "dede", "mama", "mam", "am". (Note: he's been able to say dede since he was about 5 months old, mejo intermittent nga lang)
  • Loves to play peek-a-boo, tickling, Spiderman/Superman (hehe ipapatong ko sya sa legs ko then lift him up in the air)

Hay andami pa malamang akong hindi matandaan, so ayan na lang muna. Until my next update. Here's Ethan with his birthday costume...maikli na ung polo :P

Chill out!


Heidi said...

Lapit na pala ng 1st birthday ni Ethan! :)

cheryll said...

hi heidi! korek ka jan kaya super preps na ako. hahaha... ingat lagi and think happy thoughts