08 December 2008

11 months!

We spent last weekend at my in-laws in Marikina. We took a leave on Friday and went home last Monday, Ethan's 11th cupcake birthday was last Saturday.

A had to bring Pula (our car) to the shop for change oil and some preventive maintenance. Ethan and I (along with Lolo and Lola) stayed at home and he was able to take a dip in his new inflatable swimming pool. We added some hot water (2 kettles worth) to warm up the water a bit.

At first, he just sat and played with the rubber balls but after some encouragement from us, he was crawling and after some time was happily splashing us all with water :) He was wearing his swimming trunks (hehe oo, ganyan kami ka-excited at binili pa talaga namin sya ng swimming trunks) and was actually trying to paddle on the water. He didn't feel cold at all, we just decided to take him out kasi mejo matagal na sya dun sa pool hehehe.

A came home a bit after lunch bringing with him Ethan's cupcakes (from Gonuts Donuts). Mama cooked macaroni for our merienda and Ethan (ahem, A pala) blew out the candle. Here he is looking like an Indian warrior with war paint on his face :P

One more month and we have a toddler! I just can't believe how fast the months went by. By this time last year, I was bloated and very impatient for Ethan to arrive hehehe. And now, we have a busy, curious, little boy :)

We love you, Ethan!

His milestones:

- can cruise on furniture and anything he can hold on to so that he can transfer from one place to another

- can go down from the bed correctly, i.e., feet first (and he can do this very very fast!)

- recognize the Christmas tree, our pictures, lizard, butterfly, rooster, his jolly jumper, guitar, banana, clock, his toys (Jollibee, Alphabet Pal, Ms. Pumpkin, Mr. Slinky), spider, ants

- can imitate sounds, i.e., if you tell him to call the cat and saw meow, he tries to make a sound similar to meow

- has 4 teeth (all his incisors, albeit his upper ones aren't fully out)

- can do the hand-crossing gesture in Deal or No Deal

- can clap his hands

- wave goodbye

- when we ask him to call the lizard, he sounds like saying Psst!

- still loves baths, fountains and anything related to water (and splashing)

- dances to the A-B-C song and Low (in addition to Macho Man, Boogie Wonderland)

- loves commercials especially Colgate and Palmolive

- eats anything but particularly loves bananas and jelly ace. He eats even yung ampalaya. We're really glad we don't have a picky eater :)

- can turn the pages of his book and smiles when I say "The End" everytime he turns to the last page

- knows what he wants and objects when stuff are taken away from him

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Ann said...

happy 11th month birthday Ethan ... wala bang preps for his 1st birthday? 1 month to go nalang ah hihihi.