18 December 2008

Internet's Back!

Hmm..looks like our office network is back in shape :) Hopefully, I can post the pics of my Holiday ka-arts...

This is our Christmas gift tag. Finally got the prints from Digiprint last night. Although I was only able to use about 2-3pcs and stick it to our pre-wrapped gifts (I just had them numbered to identify which gift is for whom). Hindi ko pa matapos-tapos kasi usually pagdating namin sa bahay, play sandali with the little boy, then dinner, then his sponge bath/brush his teeth, play a little bit then settle down for the night. I get my chance to make quickie wraps (meron pang ilang gifts na hindi nababalot) during his sponge bath (which I request A to do na lang para maisingit ko ang pagbalot ng pailan-ilang gifts).

This is the invitation to Ethan's birthday party :) Gawang nanay, hindi na na-edit ang pic sa photoshop hahaha. But I'm actually happy that I was able to make it on my own. Well, kahit naman pala ung invitation nya for his binyag, gawa-gawa ko lang din :P Tawag ng necessity kaya nakakagawa ako hahaha!

For the Thank You tags (for the souvenirs), utang muna. I wasn't able to save a copy of the file sa memory stick, andun lang sa laptop sa bahay. Hehehe. Same goes for the calendar :P

Eto na muna for now! :)


BabyPink said...

advance happy birthday to babay brother! weee! :)

happy holidays, mami! :)

YETTE said...

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! God bless always!