05 January 2009

With the new year comes resolutions but I've never really been one to make resolutions (I most probably will not be able to follow through hehe). But if there would be something I'd really want to work on, it would be my temper and patience.

Lord, grant me patience in my every task, in my prayers, in my plans. Grant me the wisdom to let go and let things be according to Your plan.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to reminisce about 2008 and give thanks for the blessings that came our way...


We were blessed with our little boy, Ethan, a few days before 2007 ended so January was indeed the start of a new year for new parents like us. We were groping in the dark, very dependent on our parents advice with regards to rearing a child.

Thank God for the blessing of Ethan, for giving us wonderful and supportive parents, and for gracing us with enough wisdom to be able to cope with the huge responsibility of bringing up a child into this world.


Ethan became a child of God through baptism. We were able to serve enough food (with lechon pa, a gift from Ethan's Uncle Abet) to family and friends who shared this joyous occasion with us. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary (along with our parents who celebrated their 30th). I went back to work this month, leaving Ethan under his lola's care, and I pumped breastmilk to provide for his needs.

Thank you Lord for blessing us financially and for providing for us. Thank you for providing for our families and friends as well that they were able to share some with us. Thank you for a wonderful one year of being together as husband and wife - for showing us how to be a good partner to each other. Thank you again for our supportive parents who take care of Ethan when we need to go to work. Thank you also for providing me with enough breastmilk for Ethan - it's more nutritious, at the same time economical for us.


In March, we were able to go home to Davao during the Holy Week. It was Ethan's first airplane ride.

Thanks God for providing for us, and for sending Ethan's guardian angels to look after him during our trip - he spent the entire trip sleeping.


Mama Lory and Papa Berting went to Australia in April to be with Kuya Abet as he commences his studies in the University of Sydney. Mama Ching (my mother) stayed with us for three months to take care of Ethan while my in-laws were in Australia. I also started work in a new company, this time with a much lighter work load - without sacrificing the good pay that I was receiving in my previous company. The family also welcomed a new member, Maria Sabrina Anne (Kuya Ba and Dianne's princess) who was born 3 days after her dad's birthday.

Thank you Lord for the gift of wisdom that You have given to Kuya Abet. Thank you for the moment of grace for Mama and Papa, they are proud of Kuya's accomplishment. Thank you for the opportunity You've provided - it helped a lot for me to not be so stressed. You offered me a chance to leave a very stressful environment without sacrificing our financial needs. Thank you for Sabrina, she is Your gift to her parents, all in Your time - thank you for the patience you have granted to Kuya Ba and Dianne.


In May, we were able to make one of our major purchases - we bought Pula (our 1997 Mitsubishi Lancer GL) after several weeks of searching for a car.

Thanks God for granting us patience while saving up and searching for a car. Thank you also for Kuya Abet who unselfishly shared money to augment our savings so that we can buy Pula.


Mama went home to Davao after staying for 3 months with us. My in-laws also came back from Australia. My uncle left for Luanda (after months of waiting and without a job) to work as an OFW.

Thank you Lord for keeping them safe during their trips. Thank you also for the opportunity You have given to my aunt's family - they may be physically separate but with this job, they would be able to provide for their and my cousin's needs (as he's about to start schooling soon).


It doesn't take a special occasion to make sometime special. Everyday is a gift from God and for that I am thankful.


Mama arrived from Davao to again care for Ethan while Mama Lory rests for 2 months. This way, both grandmothers have a chance to rest for a while - Ethan is quite heavy and much more active that it can be tiring (not tiresome ha) to care for him the whole day. We were able to bring Mama to Sonya's Garden and Ilog Maria Bee Farm in Tagaytay which she enjoyed.

Thanks God for supportive parents and for giving us a normal, happy, healthy and active child. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give joy to Mama.


It was my first birthday as a mother. We went to ATC to have my birthday lunch and went around the mall while we waited for mass (which was in Festival Mall). Being a mother changed a lot in me, even on my birthday (although I still consider it my special day) I still put Ethan first. It's no longer ME, ME, ME but FOR ETHAN.

Thank you Lord for the 29 years that You've graced me with life. Thank you for this chance to be with my loved ones, marvel at Your creations, experience this amazing adventure called Life.


In my family, October beckons the start not just of Christmas but of birthdays. My birthday is in October, my father and brother celebrate theirs in November, my mother has hers in December (along with A and Ethan), and my youngest brother in January. My youngest brother, Mico, took the nursing board exams (we'll know the results by February).

Thank you Lord for the gift of life, for keeping my family healthy and safe always.


Oooh, December brings Christmas which is my favorite time of the year (I think I've stressed that enough through my previous posts hehehe). This year was extra special because I had all my loved ones with me. We were able to give gifts to our families, Albert was able to receive his much-coveted DSLR from Santa (hehe). We were able to visit places like the Manila Ocean Park and Dinos Alive in MOA. We celebrated the Lord's birthday with much joy in our hearts. Most importantly, we celebrated Ethan's first year with us.

Thank you Lord for giving us this moment of grace - we were able to spread joy in our families' hearts, we were able to show them our love through sharing our time and laughter with them. Thank you also for providing for us so that we were able to share material stuff. Thank you for believing in us, that we will be able to care for Ethan, to look after him and guide him as he grows up. I pray, Lord, for Your guidance. Please show us the right path, guide us as we guide Ethan. May he grow up to become a good person.

Thank you, Lord for giving us Your son to save us from our sins. Thank you for the gift of life.

I look forward to the New Year, with my hopes and dreams, knowing that You will always be there for us. Amen.

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