07 January 2009

Hodge Podge

Nega things first. I'm ranting about the accident-waiting-to-happen which is SLEX. Because A's work schedule has been changed due to management changes and IMO lousy HR decisions (jeez, that's another post altogether), we now traverse SLEX (from Calamba) past six in the evening (read: madilim na).

Aside from the obstacle course-like road which changes from four lanes to two lanes and back to four lanes in a space of a few kilometers, they have erected concrete barriers which have very very lousy reflectors (if those are even worthy of being called by their name!). If you take the inner lane and have a line of cars traveling towards you, you wouldn't be able to see these barriers as the reflectors are so overpowered by the beam of light shining in your eyes! Not to mention that some of these barriers sometimes get misaligned and God forbid (and if your reflexes are not fast enough) may well be in your path!

When you get nearer to Susana Heights exit (North-bound) where the road has become four-laned (is there such a word? hehe) again, be very careful not to take the innermost lane because the road abruptly ends and is blocked by a very unconspicuous orange plastic barrier with no reflectors at all - seemingly greeting you with a Bulaga! Tsk tsk tsk.

Is this some sort of scheme by the management (will that be PNCC, BTW?) to improve the reflexes of the drivers and make them ready for F1 racing perhaps? (Imagine me delivering that line in a voice dripping with sarcasm).

And don't get me started on the news that they'll be increasing toll rates. Pocha, ni hindi pa nga nila matapos ang SLEX at mukhang jigsaw puzzle pa sa ngayon...iniisip na nila ang magtaas ng toll rate?!?! SHAME ON THEM!

Hay. Ang sarap to get that out from my system.

As forecasted by the last quarter of 2008, this year would be worse in terms of economic status. That would mean tightening of belts (pa). Weirdly enough, I'm starting to think of purchasing our own house. I'm not sure if I've interpreted what I've heard correctly, but it has been said that this low time is the best time to invest in real estate. Hmm.

Tumatanda na talaga ako. I'm really thinking of these stuff :P

I'm also searching for ways to invest our money rather than have it in the bank lang. We've already invested some in a colleague's business and so far, okay naman ang balik. Approximately 9% per month as opposed to keeping that money in the bank and earning an interest of what? 1% per annum? That 9% translates to almost our month's rent for the apartment where we're staying right now. Which brings me back to the thought of purchasing our own house, at least the money we pay for rent, we pay for amortization na lang...mapapasa-amin pa later on ang bahay.

Have to really study on this. Gather data, magtanung-tanong sa mga bumili ng bahay. Maghanap ng magandang location, etc.

What makes me hesitant though is that we have a pending application for migration kasi. Dati, I've thought na sayang lang ung house if matuloy kaming mag-migrate. But lately, my thoughts have reversed na rin kasi naiisip ko na rin na investment pa rin ung house :)

Pag-aralan ko muna and pray for wisdom from the Holy Spirit :)

With the downturn in the global economy, almost all industries are affected. Most semiconductor companies (where A and I are employed) are tightening their budget costs which entails some shutdown days. These would translate to mandatory leaves for us. A just told me that they're required 14days of mandatory leave for Q1 alone. For us, no news naman kung ilang days but I believe there will be a 1-week shutdown this first week of February (aside from the singit-singit 1-2 days shutdown).

I'm thinking if we just pool together all these leaves and take a long break and go home to Davao. Miss ko na rin umuwi (though we went home for the Holy Week last year) pero gusto ko pag umuwi kami, stay for longer than a week :)

Let's wait and see.


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