14 January 2009

Two weeks after Ethan's 1st birthday party in Jollibee Shangrila, I'm now ready to post the pics and provide details of our special day :)

Venue: Jollibee in Shangrila Mall
Date: Dec. 29, 2008; 2-4PM

Relatively, it was hassle-free...from booking them until the day itself. I can say that the 2 hours was enough (for the program, that is). We didn't have much chance to talk with our guests, but I guess that happens to every party where you're the host (much like our wedding :P).

And the food, well, it's Jollibee. Everyone, I guess, knows how it tastes hehehe. We initially booked packages for 60 people and we thought we'll just add in case more than 60 would make it on the day. Turns out, it was just right. Enough that even some guests were able to take home food (since several invitees didn't make it - hay, asa pa ko. Di talaga uso RSVP sa Pinas hehehe).

We chose the Jollitown theme. Kasi ba naman, pagpipilian mo lang...Justice League or Jollitown. Bratz was another theme, but obviously that was not an option for us :P Sayang phased-out na raw ung Zoo theme nila. Yun pa naman ang gusto namin. Pero dahil mapilit kaming mga magulang, we still incorporated the zoo/safari theme sa kung saan namin pwedeng ilagay - invitations, loot bags, cake, and cupcake souvenirs :P

Jollibee's appearance elicited a lot of happy giggles from the kids (except for one, hehe. Yung pinsan kong takot kay Jollibee). Even the adults had their pictures taken with him :P

If there was anything I didn't like, it was their first host, who talked so fast people didn't get what he/she (ehem) was saying. Sinabayan pa ng pangit na sound system. Picture him laughing at his own jokes while everyone was looking around and asking "Ano daw?!" hehehe. 'Nuff said.

We only paid for the food and an additional P1169 which includes the hosting, 1 mascot, a few (10 ata) pcs of Jollibee toys and crayons which they gave out as prizes for the games, tarpaulin (which stays with them). We paid additional for the party hats and name tags. We also availed of a face painter who was affiliated with them. In fairness, pwede na rin ung gawa nya though a tita commented that the kids can't choose their design (my cousin wanted Ben Ten but the painter didn't know how to do that).

Cake: Red Ribbon (purchased separate from the Jollibee party package)

We didn't really like the Jollibee cake so we decided to order separately from Red Ribbon. In keeping up with our zoo/safari theme, we chose this particular design. We also ordered additional fudge for the cake. This cake cost ~P1200, but we weren't able to eat it during the party (aside from busog na, Jollibee doesn't allow serving of food that was not purchased from them during the party). We ate it for our Media Noche (hehe opo, nung New Year na). Needless to say, it was delicious save for the very thick marshmallow icing hehe.


Souvenirs: Chipper Cupcakes (by PJ Mariano, http://chippercupcakes.i.ph/)

We've ordered cupcakes from PJ for several times already (see Ethan's 7th and 9th month cupcake birthdays) so we knew that the cupcakes taste great. Actually, we ordered from her after A saw a post on her site showing her zoo/safari theme toppers (mga June pa lang kasi nagpaplano na kami ng para sa party ni Ethan. Oo, hindi kami atat :P).

Initially, PJ couldn't really commit to serve our order since dapat nga naman Christmas break na yun...according to her, she promised her parents na daw not to take orders during this timeframe. Buti na lang, pinayagan din sya :P So, we had our delicious and cute cupcakes. The thank you tag was DIY by A and I though. We just gave it to PJ so she can stick it on the containers. Sayang, the pictures I have right now do not really show much of the toppers - but there were about 10 animal toppers yata - hippo, monkey, lion, tiger, chicken, elephant, chick, panda, frog, and a dog (ata hehe).


Lootbags: DIY - cacha bags sewn by mother dear (Grandma) and my tita (Lollie Belen); design c/o the stage mother (that's me hahaha).

I designed the picture, printed it on heat transfer paper, ironed it on the cacha bags and voila! Lootbags :P We filled it with assorted candies, a pen, a box of crayons, a bag tag/pic frame, and a small bottle of bubbles (waja call that? basta ung panggawa ng bubbles). Hopefully, the kids liked their goodies hehehe.


There were games for the kids and the adults alike...it was fun! Totoo nga, bumabata kami sa Jollibee hehehe. See, kinarir ko ang laro nyahahaha :D

The kiddo wasn't really very smiling that day...he had a long nap just before the party but I guess the volume of people and the loud voices and blasting songs from the sound system...those must have overwhelmed him. He wasn't cranky either (thank God!) but just not his usual smiley self. Here's proof...


But of course, let's not forget that aside from the kiddo, someone else was celebrating his birthday...Papa A! :) So I requested the host to have everyone greet A as well. Here they are with their candle blowing pic.

Pics with our families.

Top: Uncle Soc, Grandma Ching, Mama, Ethan, Papa, Grandpa Mike, and Uncle Mico (youngest)

Bottom: Tito Ninong Jojo (youngest), Lola Lory, Ethan, Mama, Papa, Lolo Berting, Tito Bambu, Sabrina and Tita Dianne


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Ann said...

sis ... happy 1 year old kay Ethan ... di nga tinahi lang yung loot bag mo? wala bang nakatahi na ganun? kasi I wanted sana for Janna's birthday din in May ... hay o hay ... baka gusto mo gawing biz hehehe. pano mo nilagay yung design?

cheryll said...

thanks sis :)

yup, pinatahi ko lang un kay Mama at sa tita ko. Bale si Mama ung nagtahi, tita ko ung naglagay nung tali. Queen of DIY kasi ang mga un.

Ung design, nag-print ako sa heat transfer paper (merong tig-P40 per sheet online namin nakita ung seller) tapos ni-plantsa ko at voila, me design na kami :)

Sheila said...

Nice Party! Ask ko lang about sa heat transfer paper,san mo nabili? pwede pahingi ng link?


Heidi said...

sorry super late nanaman ang comment ko, pero... Belated Happy Birthay kay Ethan! BTW, I love the lootbags ha! :)

cheryll said...

@ heidi: hello! dito pala papunta ung comment mo hehehe kala ko na-delete na sya :) thanks!

@sheila: naku, di ko sure if natago pa namin ung link. pero naghanap lang ung hubby ko sa sulit.com.ph for heat transfer paper tapos nakita nya un. galing pang iloilo nga un e hehe.