02 February 2009

Being a Teacher

About a week ago, I had a chance to go back to my previous profession - being a teacher. A former laboratory colleague (back in the National Institute of Physics in UP - Liquid Crystals Laboratory) who's now teaching in De La Salle Greenhills invited me to be a speaker to their Grade 7 class. He asked me to talk about, you guessed it, Liquid Crystals and its applications.

"What? La Salle? Yaiks, baka maubusan ako ng English nyan!"

"Ano ka ba, kaya mo yan. Mag-French ka para mawindang sila."

"Sure kang Grade 7 lang ang mga yan? Bakit liquid crystals na ang pag-uusapan? Ganyan na ba ka-advanced ang mga bata ngayon?"


Needless to say, I went on to give the talk. They had 5 classes (a total of 10 sections, I think - they merged 2 sections per time slot) but I only gave the talk to 2 and a half sessions. Why a half? That's getting ahead of my story...

My friend asked me to be there at 7:30am (that's their first class) but I had to beg off. Utang na loob, manggagaling pa ako ng Alabang, isasama ko si Albert, si Mama at si Ethan. There's no way that we'll make it to Greenhills by 7:30 - Greenhills po ito at Friday pa! It's a good thing my former colleague agreed to my request that I start by 9:30am. He gave the talk to the earlier class.

I had to prepare the materials about a week before because I had to give it to him about a day before the talk (since he had to review on my material as well).

We left Alabang by 7am, and reached LSGH around 8:30am. We had time to eat breakfast (we had to drop by Jollibee along C5) in the parking lot (their STEEL parking lot, BTW). I purposely waited till 9am before I went in (hehe, masama akong friend, no? But I promised to be there at 9:30 so maaga na nga ung 9am hehe - and the blasted friend didn't even fetch me at the gate so I had to enter the campus alone and went around and asked around before I was told to go to Grade 7 Asst. Principal's office - di naman obvious na na-harass ako di ba?).

Anyway, I was able to attend the supposedly 3rd class (to be handled by the friend). I just sat in, (I wanted to see how the kids boys react first) but it came to a point where my friend asked for some help (actually, shot me a please-help-me-explain look) so I took the discussion from there. After that class, I discussed with 2 more, and then the Science Club which my friend moderated.

So, what was the feeling?

I felt great! If only teaching provides a salary close to what I'm receiving now, I'd gladly teach.

A long time ago, I always felt that I CANNOT be a teacher. I felt that I was so impatient, that I do not have the patience to teach people who need large doses of iodized salt (if-you-know-what-I-mean *wink wink*). But when I taught for two years in NIP, I felt IT.

I felt the satisfaction. That good, tingly feeling of being rewarded. Rewarded for your efforts, just by seeing your students' eyes light up (like a tiny bulb was switched on) and they bob their heads and say "Ah, kaya pala..."

It's a different feeling. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Knowing that I was able to explain something so mumbo-jumbo as Gauss Law or the Right Hand Rule and make it mundane for them.

I felt those goosebumps again when I shared to these kids about the liquid crystals.

Not to mention marvelling at how their imagination can travel with the speed of light. Asking questions like...

"Was the first LCD TV fat?" - to which I answered, "What makes a fat TV, fat (with giggles from them here) is that it requires for some distance from your cathode ray to the TV screen for it to be effective. With LCDs, you don't need the cathode ray so you can make the TV thin. So NO, the first LCD TV was already thin"

"What if you drink the LC, will it hurt you?" - which I answered with, "Why would you drink LC in the first place" (snickers from them)

"Has a superweapon that uses LC been developed?" - Whew! I can only reply with a "What?!" but the kids just laughed and they knew that it was question not to be taken seriously hehehe.

But they also had serious questions like...

"Miss, which is better, Plasma TV or LCD?" - ehem, to be safe. I had to answer with "Depends on what you want. Both have their advantage and disadvantage....blah blah blah"

"Miss, do you think in the future, LCDs will cost cheaper" - syemps, pati economics pinatos na nila.

And so many more.

And what did I get from this? A De La Salle Green Hills jacket compliments of one of the teachers. Yep, that's it. Don't mind that I had to use 1 Vacation Leave to be able to share that with them. Oh, and free snacks and lunch. From their cafeteria :P

I also wrecked my shoes, reminiscent of this experience. Boo hoo. Good thing they had rugby in one of their Work Ed classrooms. It was EMBARASSING as hell, buti na lang game ung teachers mwahahaha!

As I've said, if only teaching offers a higher salary...I'd gladly teach. But for the meantime, I have to be practical. We're planning to buy a house pa kasi siguro pag mag-aaral na si Ethan, para miscellaneous lang ang babayaran hehehe.

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YETTE said...

hi! i like teaching too. but only in small numbers. which is probably why i decided to homeschool my boys and i'm glad i made that decision. and you are right about the sense of fulfillment once they understand the lessons. "proud" is not even close to describing it. :)

loved the bday photos by the way. :)
take care!