17 February 2009

On House Searching

It has always been a dream to have a house of my own, along with the dream to have my own family. Given a choice between having my own house or car, I wanted to have the house first. Because, as I've always argued, would I be able to live in a car? :P

Fast forward to the present, having my own family is now a reality. We've also been blessed with our own car...nauna nga lang kaysa sariling bahay.

Not that I'm complaining. It's just that I'm still fervently hoping to own a house someday.

One thing that kept us at bay for several years (well, except for the fact that we couldn't afford it yet) is that we are still waiting for something that might come by sooner or later (secret na lang muna namin un). With that pending decision, it's quite difficult to pursue my dream (house). There are those thoughts like...what will happen to our house? Will we be able to continue paying for it? Or do we need to sell it? If we do decide to sell it, would it be difficult to find a buyer? Blah Blah Blah...

I've done some deep thinking (naks!) and realized that I shouldn't let pending stuff impede me from doing what I want. I would like to move my life forward. As long as we choose properly, we need not be bothered by all those negative stuff that I've thought of several times in the past.

We can always choose to invest on property that would be financially manageable even if what we're waiting for (the pending decision), happens.

And that is what we've been doing.

The economic situation is prodding me to go and invest in real estate - this for me is a good time to buy because sales may not be that good because of the downturn [disclaimer: note my use of the word "may" because what I'm thinking may be wrong]. And historically, the price just goes up with time (again, if we choose the right location).

So, to make it short, we already have a property that we're eyeing and the payment scheme is manageable for us. Just need to iron out some details from our agent and hopefully, we're on the road to making our dream a reality.

Hopefully, hopefully (*cross fingers*), things would go as planned. :)


On another note, the little boy can now walk on his own. BUT, he still opts to hold on to us :P He chooses to walk on his own from time to time, depende sa sumpong hehe. Like last night, he was able to take a few steps towards the TV (and was able to repeat it) then take a few steps from A to me.

Nakakatuwang, nakaka-senti.

He has several tricks up his sleeve as well:
- beautiful eyes
- flying kiss
- high five
- align
- call the lizard (makes the *tsk tsk* sound)
- dance to "Igiling-giling..."
- wave goodbye
- raise his arms to "Hep Hep Hurray!"
- does the arm crossing gesture for "No Deal!" - he does the same when we ask him kung paano mag-swimming
- smile (when we ask him how a baby smiles - syempre pakita ang teeth nya)
- dances to any fast music (but usually we play Low)

And several other stuff that may have escaped my memory-gap-riddled brain.


May mid-life crisis kaya ako (hmm, ano na ba ang life expectancy ngayon? :P) at parang andami kong gustong gawin.

I want to exercise my creative side (I know I have one, modesty aside), have an outlet. Sana magawa ko. I'm just reading up on what I plan to do. And I just need to start gathering the materials that I'll need to start on this. Who knows, I might open my own online store someday :)

I think I'm also nesting kasi parang gusto ko ng home improvement stuff. Gusto ko ngang matutong manahi e. Hehehe. Sana lang may time ako I'll make time for that.


Heidi said...

wow, dami na tricks ni Ethan... kakatatuwa talaga ang kids no?!

On a different note, I wonder what your online store would offer? Ako din sana I want to be able to have one someday, but I'll be offering events stuff like invitations, giveaways and the like...

cheryll said...

yup, at ambilis lang ng developments! i'm sure mamamangha ka rin with adam :)

hehe...ung aking dream online store ba? parang gusto kong gumawa ng bags and paint my own design...one of a kind, kumbaga. nag-iisip din akong um-attend nung mga seminar/workshop on jewelry-making. palagay ko magiging sari-sari store un hahaha.