13 March 2009

How's the Little Boy?

Ethan can already walk on his own, although still a bit unsteady, but he's really getting the hang of it! According to grandma, he was even able to run once!

Needless to say, we've already covered our electric sockets and actually have some semblance of an exercise routine by constantly following Ethan around. When we get tired, we ask him to stay inside the playpen for a while - but we have to get in with him. Otherwise, he would be climbing the playpen walls (although sometimes he is contented to play with his toys, but that would be SOME times only).

We brought him to a pediatric dentist about two weeks ago just for routine checkup. We enrolled him through A's company's HMO so we didn't need to shell out any money for that visit (woohoo).

He still has his 4 front teeth, no new ones yet. According to the dentist, we need not worry about the underbite (we noticed that he has this habit) because it's natural to have one since he doesn't have a complete set yet. She also recommended to use tooth mousse to fortify his teeth given that babies have a high-sugar diet (babad sa milk).

We chose to purchase the tooth mousse (which costs a staggering P1000!) and we vowed to be diligent about applying the tooth mousse every night. Dapat lang, with how much it cost, sayang lang kung hindi namin mapanindigan! Hehehe.

BTW, when the dentist asked him to open his mouth, Ethan didn't want to open his mouth (uh-oh). And when the dentist tried to insert the oral mirror (or whatever that thing is called), he let out a wail!

But immediately stopped when the dentist stopped poking inside his mouth.

Then one of the assistants carried him (while A and I were left to talk to the dentist)...and before we know it, the little boy was giggling like there's no tomorrow! Hay, kids talaga :)

Say Cheese!

While I'm writing this entry, I suddenly realized...Uh-oh, mukhang hindi sya nakapag-tooth mousse kagabi *toink!*

Ethan is also very talkative - but we couldn't understand what he's saying :P He babbles on and on, sometimes some "words" he says sound like a real word (or namamalik-tenga lang ba kami? hehe).

But one thing's for sure, when we ask him if he wants to take a bath, he nods his head. Even if we ask him several times, he definitely knows what he wants.

He loves water so much and loves his bath. He even takes grandma's hand sometimes (during noon when the day is in its hottest) and leads her to the bathroom. When she asks if he wants to take a bath, he nods :)

That's one of the reasons why I'm excited to go home. Because I know we'll have a chance to go swimming - I just can't wait to see his eyes sparkle when he sees the pool and has a chance to swim in it!

Hay, it's almost 15 months since I gave birth to Ethan but with his developments, it feels like it's been years (hahaha). It's really amazing how a baby can go from being very fragile (and just sleeps for hours) to an energizer toddler in so short a span of time!

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