18 March 2009

The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up

Peter Pan, that is.

I have a new project in mind (hehe I haven't finished my bags yet) owing to the stage mother in me (What?!).

Yesterday, I learned from my BIL that Ethan's cousin, Sabrina, will celebrate her first birthday next month through a Tinkerbell-themed party. They already have her costume and he mentioned that he was looking for a Peter Pan costume for the little boy but couldn't find any. Para daw naka-costume silang dalawa hehe.

I offered to look for costumes through the net and told A as well (so he can help look hehe). But my very good hubby (who I now know to be my number one fan) suggested that I make one instead. Nagtatahi ka nga ng bag, kaya mo rin ung Peter Pan costume.

I was initially hesitant because I know I wouldn't be able to sew a costume! Hello, very very basic sewing skills - limited to sewing on buttons, mending a few tears on clothes or socks...but a full costume?!

And then the idea grew on me. I started Googling (hehe) for Peter Pan pictures and actually have an idea on how I can make the costume :) Excited na akong gawin, actually.

So good luck sa akin... :P


Heidi said...

good luck with the new project! pakita mo yung finished product ha... :)

cheryll said...

hahaha..sure! ipapakita ko talaga dito (pag nagawa ko :P)

thanks for dropping by!