30 March 2009

THE bag project is finally done.

But I have yet to take a picture of it, so there. I'll post it once I've taken that picture hehehe.

The little boy turned 15 months yesterday. And we visited his pedia last Saturday for MMR shots (kaching! kaching! there goes the money again). He's now 79cms tall and 10kgs heavy.

It's amazing how much he responds to our questions like..."Gusto mo pang kumain?" (this is usually asked when he's really getting restless while we're still eating) to which he responds with a shake of his head. "Gusto mo nang maligo?" - an emphatic nod here.

Ooh the little boy is very much a waterboy. He loves to take a bath and play with water. Can't really wait to see his expression when he sees the swimming pool. Just the sight of a water fountain brings such a sweet smile to his face!

He has several books (the newest being that of animals) and he can identify the horse, duckling (where's the rubber ducky?), monkey (Pano ang sound? Hoo Hoo Aah Aah with matching shaking of his arms), fish (to which he makes the swimming gesture), lion, owl, rooster (to which he makes a high-pitched shriek when we ask him how the rooster sounds - his version of cock-a-doodle) and the cat.

From his book on shapes, he can easily point at the moon. This book also has pictures of monkeys and rubber duckies, which he also identifies.

He can point out the motorbike, car (Pano ung sound? Prrruurrt), airplane (wherein he gestures that the plane is flying up in the sky), train (San ung chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-choo choo train?) and the ambulance (San ung wee-yuu-wee-yuu ambulance?) from his book on Things That Go.

As I've said, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Not to mention how he responds when we ask him to show us his beautiful eyes (the blinking) and how a baby smiles (big smile with chinky-eyes) and how the dinosaur sounds (raaar).

Hay ang sarap :)

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