03 April 2009

Just the other night, I was again amazed.

We were already about to sleep, lights were already turned off but the little boy can still see that outside our bedroom, lights were still on. Bumangon. I told him, "Halika na dito, tulog na tayo, tingnan mo o, madilim na. It's time to sleep." Ang sagot, "Di..im?" And he was able to repeat it. And I know that it was a question from his tone. So I replied, "Yes, baby, madilim na po. Tulog na tayo." And he proceeded to lie down beside me again.

It might be trivial for some, but for me, it was amazing.

Soon I will be able to hear him talk non-stop. Hear him ask never-ending questions. I just pray that we will be able to provide him with the best support to nourish this part of his development.


Last day of work for me before we head off to our vacation! :) We'll be flying to Davao this Sunday and will be back on the 15th pa. Hay sarap. Can't wait! :)

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