17 April 2009

I'm back in the office already (since yesterday) but didn't have the time to post an entry (as if someone cares! haha).

Anyway, as you've probably noticed, still no post on Ethan's costume nor that of my bag (both were already done, BTW). And, the pictures of our Davao vacation as well. Hopefully, I'll be able to upload those this weekend (when I'm done with the laundry and stuff hehehe).

Just would like to say that the costume turned out well (at least for me) -- Mama helped me with it hehe (actually, she did the sewing and the collar...all I did was cut the sleeves and the hems...and oh, sew the hat as well :P).

Will have to buy a belt and toy knife for the little boy so that we have the complete costume. Have one more week before Sabrina's birthday - plenty of time, I might say (that's the procrastinator in me who's speaking).

Still have plenty of projects to make - my bags (fabric is still waiting for me hehe - note to self: find a pattern!), and I'd like to learn crocheting as well. I know the basics (took it up during our H.E. class in Grade 5) but would really like to make something that is worth keeping. Haha.

To top it off, we will be moving house soon. Still finalizing stuff before we can schedule our move though.

That's all for now, back to work muna...

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BabyPink said...

hello mami!:)

binago mo na pala ang template. hehehe:)

excited ako sa mga entries mo kasi para ko ding nakikita ang aking baby brother.:)

anyway, what number of mine do you have ba? uhm, ang mga numero ko ngayon ay oh-nine-two-nine-nine-seven-two-four-six-oh-oh (smart) at oh-nine-oh-six-two-five-nine-five-oh-one-two (globe).

text lang sa ako-a imong number, ha? :)