20 April 2009


(Note: started this post last week but only able to post it this week, had some problems in copying the pics...admin problems, not technical ones hehe)

Finally, the pics are here :P

The first project was a bag - hand-sewn po kasi wala akong sewing machine hehe. It's made of canvas and the design was conceptualized and hand-painted by moi, as well. It has a lot to improve on pa, kahit ako hindi masyadong masaya sa kinalabasan nung pic, sabi nga ng kid bro ko..."Parang ni-paste lang ung baby". Hehe, ganyan ka-brutal un.

This project took about a month to finish.

The second project was the Peter Pan costume for the little boy. This was made in Davao, and I was helped by Mama and Auntie Belen (since this time, I had sewing machine to use kaso hindi pa ako marunong gumamit hahaha).

I thought long and hard on how to make it with the least effort so I thought of using a ready-made green shirt and tights. Gaisano Mall (in Davao) was selling a Peter Pan costume but was quite big for Ethan...buti na lang din coz we didn't really like how it was made hehehe. Mama and T Belen just copied how the collar was made.

We started with 2 green shirts (the other one was for the hat and the collar), a pair of tights (we initially bought a white one and planned to dye it however we saw a green one in another mall so we decided to use that one instead), and red felt paper (for the feather)...

After all the cutting and sewing, here's his costume:

He had a great time at the party yesterday. Didn't want to sit still, was roaming all around the party area, picking up balloons, pushing on the high chair (which had wheels), requesting us to place him on the high chair and wheel him around the area, danced to the music (and got for himself a prize, when I say got, I mean it literally - inabot ung nasa mesa at diretso papunta sa akin para iabot ang prize, di na naka reklamo ang host hehe).

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