27 April 2009

Swimming in Davao

Before anything else, let me tell you another amazing story about the little boy.

Yesterday, we made a quick trip to SM Marikina to buy a gift for another cousin who had the same birthday as Sabrina's. While A was paying for our purchases, Ethan started pointing at the character pillows on the nearby shelves. I spied Dora and Spongebob on one shelf so we got closer.

I asked Ethan who it was (I was pointing at Dora). And he replied, "Do-wa" (or something like that, I can't really spell the word he said but you'd understand that he meant Dora).

I was stunned. And I couldn't believe my ears. So I tried moving his attention to other stuff. After a few minutes, we went back.

Mama: "Who's this again?"
Ethan: "Do-wa!" (again, same pronunciation, which I can't spell)
Mama: *stunned*
Mama: "This one?" (pointing at Spongebob)
Ethan: opens his mouth twice, mouthing something like pa-pa. Hmm.

Still can't believe it. By this time, A has finished paying so I called him.

Mama: "Pa, listen to this. Ethan, who's this?" (again, pointing at Dora)
Ethan: "Do-wa!" (it took him a few minutes this time, probably wondering why Mama kept on asking him hehehe).
A: *laughs* "Very good!"

Needless to say, we were amazed.


Okay, back to regular programming :P Here are a few pictures of the little boy when he made his swimming debut.

(Note: the pool's depth, if it can be called that hehe, is about up to my knees. So I had to crouch the whole time. The little boy had the water level up to his chest when he stands on the pool floor)

When we tell him to kick and try reaching us, he kicks with all his heart and flaps his arms as well :P It's really great to see him enjoying the water. We even bought him a lifesaver but got to use it for only a few minutes. He preferred being held.

Here we are posing with his Tito Jearl (yup, that's my cousin).

Ooh, that sweet smile on the little boy's face. It melts my heart everytime.


Mommyhood Moments said...

Where in Davao did you swim? I'm going there with my family end of June and I don't know where to take my 2.5-year old son. Thanks! :)

cheryll said...

We went to an old resort (meaning, kids pa lang kami, eto na madalas puntahan namin) Mergrande in the southern part of the city - near our home.

If you want the beach, I would recommend going to Samal Island - white beach after a short ferry ride, maraming resorts dun with Paradise Island having the most recall for me. Again, childhood hehe.